The Top Bot Tools Every Marketer Needs

“Chatbots have become so popular that just about everybody is suggesting you use one. If you’ve somehow missed what they are based on reading, say, not a single tech or business publication for about 8 months, they’re essentially a program that does a job by you talking to the computer with your keyboard. They can be really stupid – answering simple yes or no questions, all the way up to an AI-powered text machine that can access vast sources of information intelligently. In the end, most marketers need something far more blunt-force – a simpler way of doing things that they can access themselves without having to code, or hire someone to code for them.

There’s also the discussion of what technically a chatbot is, but for me the real core is that it’s an autonomous being that can answer questions or direct a user. I also question, as many others do, whether you actually need chatbots in your business. Nevertheless, with the amount of people talking about it, the amount of discussion around marketers and the general feeling in my head of “this is going to stay a thing, isn’t it?” it seemed like a good time to round up a few of the most reliable and useful services I’ve found through my own research:


I hear lots of people use Facebook these days, and that’s why I like ChattyPeople. It’s built for people who can just about use a keyboard and a mouse to create a Facebook messaging bot, though with the knowledge that ease comes at the price of the complexity require for, say, a huge e-commerce company. The platform’s simplicity makes it a good idea for entrepreneurs and marketers in smaller companies, though it does come with an enterprise option I hadn’t got the chance to play with. It’s fairly easy; you can make one that can answer simple customer service questions, and then integrate it with Shopify too. Ten years ago I’d have assumed this was impossible, and up until a few days ago I did, so that’s yet more proof how horribly wrong I am.”