What Is The Number One Reason You Should Have A Chatbot For Your Business?

In 2016, the chatbot discussion had begun, and it spread all over the internet. And it didn’t stop, as we are still talking about the possibilities and how chatbots can change the way we work and interact with technology today.

What would be the number one reason to have a chatbot for your business?

To answer this, we need to look into the history of online technology development.

The Internet

When the electronic computer was developed, it offered a new space of communication to be developed, and the internet was born.

The internet dates back to 1969, as this was the year where the first message was sent from one computer to another. The first message was sent from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to the second network node at Stanford Research Institute (SRI).

The internet opened a new possibility ─ the World Wide Web.

World Wide Web

The World Wide Web, also known as “WWW,” is something different. It’s not the actual internet, as a lot of people don’t distinguish the difference.

In 1989, a scientist, Tim Berners-Lee, invented the World Wide Web and created the first web browser. He coined the term WWW with naming his computer program (the first browser). Later, they renamed it Nexus.

This is where internet magic was born, and new digital space was created.


With the creation of web browsers, the first website was also created.

Tim Berners-Lee, who was working as a physicist at CERN, created the first website http://info.cern.ch. By the end of 1993, there were more than 600 websites on the internet.

After all of this, people started to commercialize the internet and start to create websites for their companies.

Mobile Apps

Since the year 2,000, everything has changed with the creation of Smartphones, and with the natural progress of technology, was the creation of Mobile Apps.

Because phones became the most used devices in the world, companies, like Microsoft, and the creation of Hotmail Messenger, opened a different way of communicating with people, and it was free to send text over your PC.

Facebook took this model and created Facebook Messenger, and took advantage of smartphones and made a Mobile App that is one of the most used today.


The use of chatbots and the purpose of their creation was to simplify Customer Support and the ability for companies to be reached 24/7.

Facebook wants to take chatbots to the next level, and that’s why they allowed chatbot integration into Messenger.

They are creating a new field and a new opportunity to monetize Messenger, and chatbots are the tools where they will achieve this.

Final Thoughts

The number one reason to build a chatbot for business is? It’s precisely the reasons that I just mentioned.

You should learn from history and the development of online technology, and see the potential that chatbots have.

If Facebook sees the potential, you need to see that too. If you don’t have a chatbot, you will miss out on a lot.

Embrace this technology while it’s new. ChattyPeople is here to help, so register for free today and make a chatbot for your business.

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Posted by Slobodan S.