Using Chatbots For Marketing To Increase Engagement

Today, chatbots are based on a pre-written script within their memory, and because of that, they are not able to increase engagement on their own.

Chatbots are in the beta stage, but the AI interface that they work from, and the ability to learn and upgrade their knowledge base, will soon be the number one used tool for doing business.

Engaging your customers more via your online business will provide you a loyal customer base that will give you more profit and generate more revenue.

What is Customer Engagement?  

Customer engagement is the communication between businesses and their customers.

There Are Two Types of Customer Engagement:

1. Offline Customer Engagement

Offline customer engagement dates farther back than we might realize, since the implementation of physical stores, whether a grocery store or a book store.

  • Engagement applies to any type of interaction between the consumer and the brand, for example: If you buy a particular brand from one store, you might seek out that brand online or at another physical location, becoming a loyal customer to that brand.
  • Many successful companies that we know of have achieved this kind of customer engagement on an extraordinary scale, which has made them into powerful businesses.
  • To have this kind of consumer engagement, you need to put the power of marketing and advertising into play.
2. Online Customer Engagement

Online customer engagement dates back from the late 90s, mostly since the start of the internet overtook the world.

  • Online customer engagement is the interaction through live sites that are offering a type of interactive experience, such as the option to surf a web store, put products in a shopping cart, then complete the purchase via a checkout page by submitting basic payment information.
  • Companies are also creating online customer engagement through customer service that is provided by the company. It can be via a phone call where the agent answers inquiries and gives recommendations, or can take place via agent chat and/or chatbots.
  • Another type of customer engagement is achieved by reading a blog about a new product or watching a commercial on YouTube, where the company is providing basic information about their products.

How Marketing Helps to Increase Engagement

The reason for consumer engagement is to enhance your loyal customer base; marketing is a proven tool for achieving this goal.

However, having a great product is not enough as brands need to use marketing continuously so that people know that the product is still on the market. If not, another company will take away consumers or possible new customers that might have instead purchased from the first brand. By consistently providing marketing for their products, brands will have a more consistent customer base heading into the future of their brand.

Final Thoughts

Even though chatbots are still young, my opinion is that it is imperative to utilize this technology now and grow as the technology grows.

Don’t put yourself on the sideline and miss out on new interactions with your customers ─ which you can be providing via a personal chatbot platform.

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Posted by Slobodan S.