Top 5 Chatbot Directories You Need To Use


One difference between Apps and chatbots is that Apps have App stores for every platform and bots are not that easily discoverable, at this time.

Why are Directories Important?

The most important thing for a successful chatbot or App is for it to be used by people. You made your chatbot, and now you need to put it out there for people to find it.

It’s harder for chatbots then the Apps, but I believe there will be a directory for the operating system we use shortly. In the same way, there is Play Store for Android and iPhone’s App Store, as well.

Operating Systems for Bots

Chatbots, in the same way as the Apps, are programs that work inside the bigger program. For Apps, it is the mobile OS, but for chatbot space, it’s found inside the messaging App.

This is made because developers are trying to use the bots without installation and memory consumption. This is the current direction for the chatbots and the possibility to stay in this path is more than reasonable.


A smart thing to do is use the Messaging App that has the biggest number of users. In this way, you will have bigger chances to reach a broad audience using Facebook user’s base.

Facebook still has a directory where you can see the business and connect with them through the Discover Tab that they made to find chatbots easier.

Microsoft Bot Directory

Microsoft made a directory where you can submit your bot. Unfortunately, they don’t receive any more submissions. They made it possible to connect the bot to their Bing channel where people can find and use your chatbot.


The Slack platform has their own directory where you can search for useful bots that work great and are making your day to day tasks much easier to finish.

If you have a chatbot, you can integrate it inside Slack and if you are generous enough, let other people use it.


This Messaging App welcomed the use of bots, too. They have a directory where you can search and discover bots made for this App. In some way, there is a battle where we will see the popular Messaging Apps competing in.

Botlist is the best chatbot directory there is. They made the directory easy to search by categories and platforms where chatbots have been deployed.

It is an actual directory where you can search for all of the bots there are out there, as they have fulfilled the purpose and made chatbot discovery much easier.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

As I said earlier, the way that we find bots is more difficult than finding Apps. But that is just for now; with new technology, there will be a new way how we will gather all bots under one roof.

It’s your turn to build a chatbot, and we are here to help. Use the platform that we have and build your chatbot without coding and with an easy drag and drop interface.

Register for free, and we will make Facebook integration instantaneous so you can use the biggest messaging platform to reach a bigger audience for your business.

We made it simple; ChattyPeople is the way to start.

Posted by Slobodan S.