4 Ways To Use Chatbots For Marketing

There are many ways that chatbots can help businesses, one of them being marketing.

The word marketing means to go into a market, literally, and to buy or sell products.

With a personal chatbot platform, you can bring the market into one of the most popular chat platforms today ─ Facebook Messenger.

Here’s why you should build your personal chatbot platform today:

1. Establish a Customer Base

The good thing about chatbots is that you will be able to use one of the biggest customer bases in the online world, and that is the Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has a user base of more than 1.2 billion users.

A smart thing would be to open your store within this massive user interface. Facebook already has opened its doors with their Messenger App, and you are the one that needs to take advantage of this and move your brand into the direction of a new technological e-commerce store.

2. Get Consumers to Subscribe

The interaction that your chatbot will have with your customer may be to ask simple questions and help with completing their purchase.

Then, you can offer for them to subscribe to your mailing lists for upcoming promotions and updates for new products.

3. Gain Valuable Customer Insights and Collect Data

Artificial Intelligence that is within chatbots makes them capable of memorizing the behavior of your customers and offer them products that will match their style based on their searches or previous shopping experiences.

With small questions and surveys, you may get ahead and improve your business, overall. By a simple interaction with your chatbot, you can collect data, for example: if your chatbot offers a customer a price search, you can use that and upgrade your product line to be within the most price ranges customers are shopping in, based on their searches.

And, with the survey, you will be able to get more information about what is trendy and what people like to shop for, can generate more qualified leads, and then pursue them.

4. Make Use of the Four “P”s

With the data gathered from your chatbot, you can implement the popular “P Model” and accumulate even more sales.

The Four P Model:

1. Products

With this information, you can provide the customers with what they need based on the data you receive via your chatbot.

For example, what are their concerns with the purchase of a product in regards to returning, exchanging, warranties and overall support?

With this data, you will constantly have the most up-to-date information, on-hand, and can improve your business.

2. Pricing

You can set up the right price for your products based on your customer’s searches or previous purchases. And, with this data, you will be able to stay in front of your competitor.

Keep in mind, when setting up prices, you need to be able to discount the price based on your marketing campaigns and still end up with a profit.

3. Placement

Placement refers to the geographical region your customers live in. Knowing their location via the use of a chatbot will allow you to offer them products that are trendier in their area.

With the information that your chatbot can gather, you will be able to accommodate more kinds of customers (young, business people or families), and with a particular selection of your products, you can target them individually.

4. Promotion

Your chatbot can provide advertisements and deals and target specific customers you have. It can promote the right products to the right customers so you will be able to make more probable sales.

Final Thoughts

Build your own, personal, business chatbot today! Take advantage of what this technological solution has to offer!

Here at ChattyPeople, we can help every step of the way. See how at Chattypeople.com now.

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How Enterprise Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Business

Companies with the use of Social Media increase their clientele, and by this, they are increasing their work flow with the need to hire more people.

With human vs. human interactions over regular chat platforms, it takes too much time and effort. Can you imagine responding to thousands of questions from thousands of customers? It is just impossible to be that quick and efficient.

Chatbots are revolutionizing how businesses perform their interactions with their customers, via Social Media.

Here are 3 key features of how Enterprise chatbots are, in fact, changing how businesses interact with their customers:

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant, by definition, is a person who provides creative or technical professional assistance along with doing administrative tasks.

With an Enterprise chatbot, you will get no less than an excellent Virtual Assistant, as they are capable of: Updating your client list, maintaining your calendar, setting up meetings, and sending out e-mails, newsletters and so on.

2. Customer Support

With a chatbot at your side, your company will provide the most professional services to your customers.

It will respond in the quickest way possible to customer inquiries by interacting with them and answering questions that they have.

With the possibility to upgrade and learn more, their knowledge-base will become more and more capable of working without evolving human assistance.

Soon chatbots will be able to multi-task and effectively prioritize, when needed, and solve practical problems.

3. Growing Your Customer Base

With targeting customers and pushing promotions through Social Media, chatbots are capable of interacting with potential clients and gathering information from them via simple questions about their needs and styles.

With this feature, chatbots can attract more customers and offer them products that match the criteria of the style they feel comfortable with.

By constantly gathering information from your customers, you will be able to know what people think of current trends and their likes and dislikes so you can make adjustments to your inventory.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

By taking advantages of these chatbot features, you will increase work productivity and your employees will have extra time to work on more important company tasks, for example, working on increasing company revenue.

Not every company has the means to hire a VA for every task, for help with being more productive on projects, or to hire customer support agents to answer all customers’ inquiries accurately.

First of all, there is not enough space in many offices, and the expenses will constantly be increasing.

Here at ChattyPeople, an online bot building platform, we can help you to build your personal chatbot with no need of coding knowledge, and we offer a free basic plan to start.

Create an Enterprise chatbot today and put it to work ASAP.

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The Future Of Branding And Voice-Activated Chatbots

How far can we go with new ideas?

As ideas are changing the world and our way of living, some are not accepted, others are continuously modified and updated, and some seek simplifying solutions shaped by the needs of the people.

We are searching for tools that can be used on a daily basis which will provide us with aid for the most important tasks while we finish our daily responsibilities.

In this rushed world that we are living in, achieving the most beneficial way to complete tasks is one of the most important things that we are in need of.

How Will Brands and Voice-Activated Chatbots Help Us to Achieve Our Goals? 

Before I begin, let’s define what branding is.

We are surrounded by brands, and we all have our favorites.

Companies are recognized by their distinct logos that they have created for themselves. It could be a sign, a word, certain colors or a mixture of all of these.

With their unique logo and the power of advertisement (marketing), they are building a customer base, and they are continuously trying to expand.

The traditional way that companies used to reach out to customers was via market research in stores, on the streets, via the telephone, or through traditional advertisements (newspaper ads, street billboards, TV commercials, etc.).

However, most of these tactics were time-consuming.

In the “Era of the Internet” and its tools, everything has changed. The globalization of the market, the opportunity to reach customers more quickly, and anywhere, has turned out to be very valuable.

But the most important bits of information we can get is from the consumer about their likes and dislikes, their styles, ways of living, clothing preferences, reading preferences, etc. This all helps brands save time and money.

Changes are All Around Us

We all see the changes around us ─ online through Social Media, e-Commerce and through interactive chatbots. And, these platforms are continuously expanding, giving us new and exciting experiences every single day.

In the past years, developers have pushed forward with chatbot technology and added the most impressive feature yet ─ VOICE!

Speaking is in our nature, as we want to talk among ourselves. So, why not talk with chatbots, as well, who are integrated into online platforms on all our devices?

The way that they come up with machine voice-interaction is extraordinary as we all have used Hello Google, Cortana, Siri and Alexa.

These names have already made history; everyone will remember the first series of voice-activated chatbots. . . And, more are to come.

The Future of Voice-Activated Chatbots

I can say that shortly we will see voice-activated chatbots all around us ─ in the library, stores, train stations, zoos, airports. . . You name it.

Imagine a scenario where you are going to your favorite store to buy new shoes, and a robot approaches you. It will tell you about new products, all according to your previous shopping experiences and the styles you prefer.

I can see myself in an automated Uber cab, where the car talks to me and gives me recommendations along my route, or gives suggestions of what I can experience at my destination.

I know, for sure, that brands will continually upgrade the features of this technology, for example, when I book a flight using Google as a search engine, Google reminds me of my flight on my calendar.

And, in the future, I won’t be surprised if my Hello Google device sets the alarm for me the morning of the trip and confirms with me by saying something as “I`m going to wake you up tomorrow morning earlier so you can get to the airport on time. I`m expecting more traffic than usual at the time you need to travel. And, I have already reserved a Uber ride for you at 7 AM. Do you confirm?”

How great would that be?

Final Thoughts

Brands will provide us with their chatbot services, and they will shape the way of our future, day by day.

For help with building your free chatbot platform, visit us at Chattypeople.com and make a new account. Absolutely no coding is required, and we are here to help every step of the way.

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Using Chatbots For Marketing To Increase Engagement

Today, chatbots are based on a pre-written script within their memory, and because of that, they are not able to increase engagement on their own.

Chatbots are in the beta stage, but the AI interface that they work from, and the ability to learn and upgrade their knowledge base, will soon be the number one used tool for doing business.

Engaging your customers more via your online business will provide you a loyal customer base that will give you more profit and generate more revenue.

What is Customer Engagement?  

Customer engagement is the communication between businesses and their customers.

There Are Two Types of Customer Engagement:

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4 Ways To Sell Using Chatbots And Conversational Commerce

Do you know the feeling when you find yourself in the position where you are aware that your business is getting slow?

Can you boost your business’s sales on your own?

Yes, you can! And we, here at ChattyPeople, can show you how!

How Do the Bigger Brands Consistently Stay on Top?

Big brands constantly keep track of new technology.

With this information, they have an advantage over their competitors and chose to act quickly, by adopting and implementing new solutions into their business.

It’s all about being at the right place, in the right moment.

You are, in fact, at the right place and in the right moment.

This is the opportunity to catch the moment while technology is still growing and be in front of your competition by taking advantage of chatbot technology.

Here are four ways you can make sales using your chatbot:

1. Create a Facebook Page

If you haven’t done this already, you should start now.

Take advantage of social media. Facebook offers significant potential for businesses to grow. The possibility to present your business through Facebook is a tremendous opportunity because Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users and growing.

It’s a great way to start building your business back up and to expand your customer base.

2. Make Your Chatbot Able to Sell on Messenger

When you get ready to jump onto the chatbot platform, you need to consider building a chatbot that will be able to sell products on Facebook Messenger.

You need to start working with a company, such as ChattyPeople, that can develop a chatbot with an option to be integrated into to the Messenger platform.

3. Using Your Chatbot as Customer Support

The benefit of having a chatbot is extraordinary, and your imagination is the limit to this new and fast growing technology.

Using a chatbot, you are able to provide your consumers Customer Support, 24/7.

To be able to provide a quick response to your customers’ needs will make you look more professional and you will attract more clients.

People want to use companies that are more responsive than those who are not. Consumers don’t want to waste their time interacting with businesses that provide late responses to their inquires.

By offering customer support with a chatbot, you will satisfy their needs. And you need to be able to use that interaction between your customer and your chatbot, for potential sales, as well.

4. Streamline Payments

Many companies have noticed that their visitors were browsing the website, choosing and adding items to their basket, getting to the payment page, and then not completing their purchase.

By adding PayPal as an option for your checkout process, you will be able to fast-track the checkout process and give your customers a way to pay for their purchases through a well-known payment brand.

Additionally, PayPal payments improve cash flow as they are quicker to transfer funds than traditional card purchases.

How Can You Build Your Own Chatbot if You Don’t Have Experience in Coding?

Here at ChattyPeople, we want to make the process of creating your first chatbot effortless and exciting! No coding required ─ and easily integrate your bot into Facebook Messenger!

Now is the time to take advantage of our 100% free start-up plan by simply creating an account on ChattyPeople’s website.

7 Ways Your AI Is Going To Change Your Day To Day Life

With the progress made in Artificial Intelligence and its integration into gadgets, it’s bound to change our everyday lives.

Here are seven ways how Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives:

1. Calendar Updates

With the use of Artificial Intelligence that our favorite smartphones provide to us, we are already able to transfer some of our daily tasks to these assistants.

They are more than capable of setting up our meetings and updating and keeping track of our calendars for upcoming events that we may have.

With simple voice interaction, AI can text someone or connect our call with the people from our contact list. They can even provide a search for us, for example, “Locate the closest pizza restaurant.”

2. Control Your Environment

We will be able to use voice activated services that our gadgets have to control other smart devices that we have at home.

With this simple voice interaction, we can use, for example, Amazon’s Alexa, to be our personal assistant.

With the ability to learn and grow its knowledge, Artificial Intelligent devices will be able to give us various controls over our home, from setting the thermostat to controlling any other smart device that we own that has Bluetooth capability.

3. Re-order Necessities

We know how we can be occupied with our day to day tasks and keep forgetting to buy or order items on time. These can be products that we use every day.

With the utilization of Artificial Intelligent devices, we will never forget to re-order our favorite coffee, as they will be able to keep track by learning from previous orders we have made and give us a reminder that we might run out of coffee.

Then, they can re-order it for us. Or,  we can simply tell them to reorder our coffee every 15 days.

4. Be Our Companions

We will never be alone; AI will become our companions who will occupy the empty space when we are alone.

5. Provide Entertainment

AI can entertain us with their capabilities.

They can tell a joke, or be our DJ when we have guests. They can tell us a story or read to us one of our favorite books.

AI will become more interactive and will eventually reach self-awareness where we will be able to play even better games with them.

6. Regulate Our Health

With the expansion of our technological world and the inventions of smart gadgets, Artificially Intelligent devices will be able to monitor our health and provide us with suggestions on how to change our diet.d

Additionally, AI will be able to help us in an emergency situation when no one else is around with the option to call 911 on our behalf.

7. Save Us Time

Today, time is one of the most valued things in our lives.

All of the examples mentioned above will provide us with exactly that ─ the time to focus more on other more important tasks in our day to day way of living.

And, for sure, AI will enable us to live a much more quality-filled life and provide more comfort for ourselves.

Final Thoughts

With the use of the technology that is surrounding us, we will become more advanced and take our minds off of repeated and frustrating day-to-day tasks so that we can concentrate on more important aspects of LIFE itself.

Chatbots For Customer Support Are The Future Of Your Brand

With Social Media and Facebook, the way we do business has changed, and is reshaping still. With the all-in-one-place that Facebook is providing, and with Facebook Messenger, the interaction with consumers has evolved, and will continue to do so.

Customer Support Reshaped to Customer Care

As companies expand their customer base, they are in need of a call center that provides customer support. However, with social media, the possibilities are there to reach potential customers worldwide, and call centers do not provide the necessary tools for obtaining satisfied consumers.

From call centers, we have moved to e-mail support, but have to wait at least 24 – 48 hours for a response, and it just becomes frustrating.

The brands that have been in business for many years go with the technological flow, as they use every tool provided in this technological world we are living in.

With the utilization of chatbots, customer support can be reached 24/7 and provide customer care to all their consumers.

Who is the Future Consumer and What Do They Want?

Our children are the future consumers, and for them, interacting with gadgets will be in their nature. For me, from time to time, I love to use older forms of technology, for example:

I was using my old Samsung flip-flop mobile phone that I had, mainly because the battery was great, and I was able to use this phone for calling for a couple of days before charging the battery.

But the funniest thing happened to me. My daughter took the phone, opened it, and ask me “Is this a phone, Daddy? What can I do with it?”

I was laughing and said, “Well, what is the purpose of a phone ─ to make and receive calls.” She said,” That’s it?” It`s cute. She is used to having a touch screen phone and Siri where she can interact with the phone like a friend. Then, I remembered that she doesn’t know what an audio cassette is or floppy disk is either, and I started telling her what kind of stuff we were using when we were kids.

My daughter is a millennial kid. She is a kid that is living with the gadgets of her time. She is a kid where Alexa is a part of the living room, and when she walks in, she says, “Alexa, play Taylor Swift,”

Businesses don’t want to put themselves in a situation where future consumers won’t be able to reach them. I remember a scene from one of my favorite movies, “I Robot” where Will Smith (Detective Spooner) and Dr. Calvin (Bridget Moynahan) are inside Detective Spooner`s apartment, and there is an audio player (an older device) that she tries to turn on by saying, “Play.” Then, she presses the button, and the JVC turns on, and it is really loud. Dr. Calvin addresses the player by saying, “End program, cancel.” Detective Spooner shuts it off by using a remote control.

This is a science fiction movie that gives us a glimpse into a possible 2035.

FInal Thoughts

It’s time to act quickly on chatbot technology if you own a business, as chatbot platforms are a must-have technology for the future.

Now is the time to be prepared and brace the future of technology.

Enterprise Chatbots And Voice Activation Are The Future Of User Interface

An Intelligent Virtual Assistant is a software operator that is able to perform undertakings or administrations for a person, also called a chatbot.

A survey conducted in May this year found that the most used AI chatbots in the US market are :

  • Siri: Apple’s interface ─ 34%
  • Hello Google: Google`s Assistant ─ 19%
  • Alexa: Amazon ─ 6%
  • Cortana: Microsoft ─ 4%
  • Apple’s HomePod Speaker was announced in June and wasn’t included in the survey.

Facebook Messenger Assistant projected that it would be accessible to several million on Messenger by the end of 2017.

Google and Apple have substantially introduced bases of clients on cell phones, and Microsoft has an outgoing, pre-installed base of Windows PC users with Cortana working through telephone and Bluetooth speakers, as well.

We need to point out that Amazon stands out with the ability to put in online, web-based, business requests via Alexa.

Enterprise Chatbots and Voice Activation Gadgets are Changing the World

Voice activated bots, such as Google Now, Alexa, Cortana and Siri are preinstalled into the OS to be able to do searches online.

Expectations are that in the year 2020, over 200 billion searches will be done by use of voice. In upcoming years, there are going to be more than 3.5 billion voice activated gadgets, and less than 5% are going to have classic keyboard base consoles. In this way, it affects homes, autos, trade, managing an account, training and every other man vs. machine-based interaction.

Amazon’s Echo and Echo-dot are gadgets controlled by voice that read books, the news and recordings, plays your favorite radio station, answers questions, gives you reports, activity and climate changes, provides information on nearby organizations, gives sports scores and timetables, control lights, switches and indoor regulators, arranges a Uber or orders Domino’s, and additionally, utilizes the Voice Service of Amazon`s Alexa.

Other platforms like Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana can, without much of a stretch, help make our lives much easier with a lot of options, such as overseeing timetables, track packages and check on upcoming flights.

Our growing dependence on chatbot platforms operated by voice has multiplied the ascent of machine vs. machine correspondence, and this will have a genuine effect on the future outcome of how we make payments, do business and interact with home gadgets.

Online Searches

We have found ourselves at the intersection of how we are performing our online searches. With the fast development of messaging applications, there is the contention that the fate of e-commerce and searches will be, by default, pre-installed within the platform itself with chatbots as VAs.

This includes Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger Searches, and e-business will unquestionably change in the following years.

A Strategy for Cooperation

AI Virtual Assistants work using:

  • Text (online talk), particularly in a texting application or other application
  • Voice, for instance with an Amazon Echo gadget, or iPhone`s Siri
  • By speaking into the Apple TV remote or Comcast remote when you are searching content via voice

Some VAs have options with various techniques of interaction, for example, Google Assistant through chat using the Google`s Allo application and by talking through Google Home speakers.

Enterprise Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence

Today, movies are becoming a reality. From my point of view, movies are the basic cause of pushing scientists to accomplish amazing inventions. We need to thank the film makers and novelty writers for the imagination used in their stories.

In the last couple of years, enterprises had upgraded chatbot technology and implemented the use of them in the e-commerce business.

We are going to see the use of chatbots more and more as time goes by.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the Holy Grail of science. From the beginning of computerizing, our world has sought a way to make Artificial Intelligence possible.

What would be the definition of Artificial Intelligence if we needed to describe it? Computer programing, or a device that can mimic human behavior?

We have accomplished so much in the last decade through robotics and computer programming that we can take Artificial Intelligence technology to the next level. We are getting closer to giving it actual bodies and human-like appearances.

In fact, Hondas Asimo, a humanoid robot, can mimic human behavior. It can walk, talk and jump, can practice soccer with you, or even fetch you a drink. It`s pretty impressive, but unfortunately, that technology it’s still too expensive.

The Use of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The main reason for this article is to describe the use of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Have we accomplished combining those already? I believe we did, with Amazon`s Alexa, Google Hello, iPhone`s Siri or Cortana from Microsoft.

All these chatbots, with the voice service they provide, in a way, have mimicked human behavior (Talk). You can talk to them, ask questions and get an answer.

The interaction is quite impressive. AI chatbots can be used through our smart phones and interactive devices which some of these companies have designed.

By addressing them with the established wake word, they start the interaction with you, and it feels as if you are asking a real person to do something for you.

A couple of years back, if someone were behind a computer and playing music, you would ask that person to play your favorite song. Now, all of that has changed

I`m asking Alexa to do that for me, and she will start shuffling songs for me from my favorite artist. We will be able to connect our smart devices and ask Alexa to perform an action for us, and in some way, she can become a private butler (that’s in a case of owning a smart house).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Not only voice activated chatbots have Artificial Intelligence in their programming.

Messenger-based chatbots can provide human-like interactions with the ability of machine learning.

Machine learning is the option chatbots have to expand their knowledge by gathering information from the clients they interact with, and with time, they will learn more answers to common questions and will make choices on their own, which, again, is more human-like.

Enterprise Chatbot Platform Solutions And The Effects On Payments

Developers are working intensively on upgrading chatbot technology. They are combining the needs of the companies into chatbot platforms, and, as a result, we have a technological product that is simplifying the end user experience.

We have all had our share of experiences with customer support, which involves long, annoying music over the phone while you wait for your turn to speak with someone.


The “Nightmare of Customer Service” has come to an end.

Facebook Messenger Payment

Facebook announced their Messenger platform 2.0 in April this year. With continuous work with developers and businesses, they launched the v2.1 version with more features and simplifying the payment method using chatbots.

Facebook Payment is still in Beta, but it’s opened for testing your chatbot.

The payment providers that are used for processing the payments are: Connected Stripe/PayPal Account and Tokenized Payment

They made three options for payments with the Messenger bot:

  • Buy Button
  • Messenger Webview
  • Custom Implementation in the Messenger Webview

3 Options for Payments with the Messenger Bot

1. The Buy Button

At this time, the Buy Button is available for the US only.

It’s made to be simple: Click the Buy Button, Pay and you are done.

Let me elaborate a little more. By pressing the Buy Button, the button will start the command of payment and will ask the end user for their information (shipping address, the name of the recipient, etc.) and for the payment method.

When the end-user presses the Pay Button, the Messenger bot will finish the transaction, using your connected account for payment (via the previously mentioned payment platforms used by Facebook) and then the information is sent to your Webhook so you can process the payment.

After the transaction is finished, you will receive the information back to your webhook.

2. & 3. WebView and Custom Implementation

Messenger WebView is offering a personalized experience for your payment processing solution.

The custom option on the Messenger platform provides more options for businesses to connect their payments to the chatbot and it can be used worldwide.

This will give the company complete control of the payment process with the option that you can integrate the checkout page that you have within the Messenger app.

For implementing the custom payment option, all you need is to open your checkout page into Messenger WebView, and you can handle the payment as you will handle the payments on your checkout page on your website.

ChattyPeople Bot Making Platform

I believe that you will agree when I say that chatbot technology is making online shopping easy and the companies that use this technology look more professional.

From my point of view, as a shopper, I want to do business more with companies that provide me the information I need as quick as possible.

With chatbots, companies can respond to their customers fast and efficiently. With chatbots, you will gain satisfied and returning customers.

If you’re not using this tool, you should start because it is the future of doing business. Do your research; become familiar with the technology.

Here is where you can start: ChattyPeople.com