Enterprise Chatbot Platform Solutions And The Effects On Payments

Developers are working intensively on upgrading chatbot technology. They are combining the needs of the companies into chatbot platforms, and, as a result, we have a technological product that is simplifying the end user experience.

We have all had our share of experiences with customer support, which involves long, annoying music over the phone while you wait for your turn to speak with someone.


The “Nightmare of Customer Service” has come to an end.

Facebook Messenger Payment

Facebook announced their Messenger platform 2.0 in April this year. With continuous work with developers and businesses, they launched the v2.1 version with more features and simplifying the payment method using chatbots.

Facebook Payment is still in Beta, but it’s opened for testing your chatbot.

The payment providers that are used for processing the payments are: Connected Stripe/PayPal Account and Tokenized Payment

They made three options for payments with the Messenger bot:

  • Buy Button
  • Messenger Webview
  • Custom Implementation in the Messenger Webview

3 Options for Payments with the Messenger Bot

1. The Buy Button

At this time, the Buy Button is available for the US only.

It’s made to be simple: Click the Buy Button, Pay and you are done.

Let me elaborate a little more. By pressing the Buy Button, the button will start the command of payment and will ask the end user for their information (shipping address, the name of the recipient, etc.) and for the payment method.

When the end-user presses the Pay Button, the Messenger bot will finish the transaction, using your connected account for payment (via the previously mentioned payment platforms used by Facebook) and then the information is sent to your Webhook so you can process the payment.

After the transaction is finished, you will receive the information back to your webhook.

2. & 3. WebView and Custom Implementation

Messenger WebView is offering a personalized experience for your payment processing solution.

The custom option on the Messenger platform provides more options for businesses to connect their payments to the chatbot and it can be used worldwide.

This will give the company complete control of the payment process with the option that you can integrate the checkout page that you have within the Messenger app.

For implementing the custom payment option, all you need is to open your checkout page into Messenger WebView, and you can handle the payment as you will handle the payments on your checkout page on your website.

ChattyPeople Bot Making Platform

I believe that you will agree when I say that chatbot technology is making online shopping easy and the companies that use this technology look more professional.

From my point of view, as a shopper, I want to do business more with companies that provide me the information I need as quick as possible.

With chatbots, companies can respond to their customers fast and efficiently. With chatbots, you will gain satisfied and returning customers.

If you’re not using this tool, you should start because it is the future of doing business. Do your research; become familiar with the technology.

Here is where you can start: ChattyPeople.com

3 Things Every CMO Needs To Know About Chatbots

Chatbots are a new way in which companies are interacting with their customers; the use of chatbots is one way of presenting your company to the world.

Let’s take a couple of steps back in time and get a retrospective on how companies started to present themselves to potential customers:

A while back, all you needed to do was print business cards and give them to people you interact with on a day to day basis.

With business cards, you provided basic information, such as where your office is, your contact information, etc.

Then, the internet came to life, and companies were in the need to present themselves on the Net by making websites with more details about the business that they do.

What happened next is that Smartphones were created and people were using them all the time, so companies were in the need to change from regular websites to mobile sites.

Over time, with the constant use of our Smartphones, the interaction between the consumer and the business has altered, and the need of the company is to create mobile apps for a better experience.

Now, businesses find themselves in the next step of adjusting their way of interacting because of the needs of our customers.

People are expecting faster responses to their inquiries because the 1-800 calls are frustrating, and the “Please hold on to the line” messages just don’t work anymore.

If you are responsible for activities in an organization that has to do with creating, communicating and delivering offerings that have value for your company’s customers, then you need to act fast on chatbot technology and take advantage of it.

Here are three things every CMO needs to know about chatbots:

1. Have a Strategy

You will need to develop a concept on a piece of paper on how your company chatbot should behave.

  • What should the primary responsibilities be?
  • What will be your starting knowledge base that the chatbot will own?
  • Will you offer your customers options to buy through your chatbot?

You need to put yourself in the shoes of the customer and think about what kind of user experience you will provide with your chatbot.

2. Pick the Right Bot Building Platform

You need to do your research really well before you make the decision of which bot building platform will help you build your chatbot.

Here at ChattyPeople, we know that this is the most important step that will provide you with either a good or bad experience.

And that’s why you need to find a bot building company like ChattyPeople that has experience and will be excited to work with you,

Making the right chatbot will present your company the way it should be represented.

3. Keep Customers Interactive

Without the simple approach of questions and answers, people will quickly end the interaction with the chatbot when they don’t  get what they want.

You need to take advantage when someone starts an interaction with your chatbot and offer them, for example, some of your new products.

Final Thoughts From ChattyPeople

When you are ready to jump onto this new technology bandwagon, ChattyPeople is here to help!

Feel free to take advantage of our free start-up plan, ask us any questions, and create the best bot for your business’s needs.