Slack Bot Tips For Your Business


Slack is one of the new methods of communication for team members. It will help your team to be working out of one virtual office instead of spreading out through different applications and opening infinite tabs on their browsers.

Most important is that every team member needs to be updated on progress regularly. And, that’s achieved through communication, as you need to provide your team members with updates on tasks. But that can be time-consuming.

That’s why using Slack and keeping it all in one place will help your team to be more productive and building a chatbot for them will provide better communication between them.

For a successful business, there must be a successful team, and the most important aspect for achieving this is communication.

Here are five basic communication tasks that your Slack bot should have:

Communication Tasks

1) Manage Mailing Lists / Databases

Your chatbot can manage the mailing lists and provide you with a database that will keep your team up-to-date. And the chatbot can provide internal knowledge databases that will be easily accessible for everyone. It will especially help new team members to catch on.

2) Telephone Clients

Chatbots can assign someone from your staff to make the phone calls that need to be done for the day, or even spread and divide the list of clients that need to be contacted equally for everyone. In this way, every team member will have the same amount of time to work on the team project.

 3) Information

Chatbots can provide the team members with information on which member of the team is assigned with which task, and in this way, if they need to contact someone, they will contact the right person without disturbing others. Or, they can quickly ask for help from a person that is involved in their segment of the project.

4) Keep Track of Progress

Assign your chatbot to keep track of the tasks and the progress of every team member and give you updates. And, it can give the team members updates of the overall status of the project, as well. This will keep everyone in the loop.

5) Anonymous Feedback

Give your chatbot the ability to send anonymous feedback to the project manager or to you. With this, you may get better insight if there is a problem inside your team, and you can resolve the problem constructively.

Final Thoughts

Using Slack as your virtual office is a big deal for your team members, and it will help them to be more organized, and also save time.

Building for your team a customized chatbot will improve their efficiency and better the communications between them.

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Posted by Slobodan S.