Optimizing Your Chatbot User Experience Based On KPIs




As with all other user-customer-based interactions, monitoring the behavior is of most importance. To achieve continuous use of the chatbot, you need to track the user-chatbot behavior, and one of the best ways is to use KPI.

What is KPI?

A performance indicator, or (KPI) Key Performance Indicator, is a measurement that organizations use to evaluate the outcome and the success of the objective they are targeting. Success is based on the outcome of the goals that one company wants to achieve.

These could be:

  • Client satisfaction
  • Engagement
  • Acquiring new customers
  • Building relationships and have returning customers
  • Improving quality of service
  • Revenue turnover

Why concentrate on KPI?

Monitoring your chatbot is essential, and all the data is equally important, but KPI is something that you need to set up.

KPI is the core and key segment of your organization, and you want everything to work like a charm. The use or client-chatbot interaction is vital so you can know your customers are satisfied and if this channel of communication is helpful for them to use.

♦ Engagement

Everything falls on to engaging customers and providing quality of service. Monitoring the engagement can help you see the wrongs and correct them when needed.

Curtail factors to monitor engagement are:

  • Retention rates
  • Session length

♦ Retention rates

With monitoring retention rates, you can see which of your clients’ needs is satisfied with the use of the chatbot and which are not. With this, you can adjust the chatbot to target the right audience or even widen the specter of your services if you find the need.

♦ Session Length

Monitoring the session length is the right indicator that will tell you the problem of the chatbot. You will be able to see if the customer finishes the session too quickly, did they lose interest in the interaction, and when they ended the session.

This indicator is important as it can give you direction in where to change things. For example, if the client went through the whole session and at the final step of checking out, they merely ended the session, and didn’t go through with the payment process. This may indicate that they are not feeling safe using the payment system that you use.

When you start monitoring your KPI, you need to focus on these segments of your organization:

  • Setup clear KPI objectives
  • Change the KPI objectives if needed (based on the data received)
  • Move in the same direction, keep everyone on the same page
  • Setup KPI that will be actionable

Final Thoughts 

Depending on your organization type, you can set up a different set of metrics that will measure the key segments of the product or services you provide.

One thing is for sure, you shouldn’t depend on the chatbot to work flawlessly; this is why you need to monitor and update the chatbot. Updating the chatbot will boost the efficiency of this technology and will help your business to grow.

Try out this technology and build a chatbot for your company, as providing your customers with the ability to reach you 24/7 is key.

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Posted by SLobodan S.