Master The Art Of Chatbot Marketing ─ Use These 6 Tips!


Marketing is one of the oldest strategies for a company or individual to sell their products.

The term “marketing” was labeled back in 1961, and since then, it’s improving every day.

Here are 6 tips that will help you master the art of marketing and use it with your enterprise chatbot:

1. Finding the Right Customers

Before expanding your product portfolio, you don’t want to force people to buy what you have and bombard everyone with your offers.

Be careful ─ you don’t want your chatbot to gain the name “Annoying.”

Instead, you need to build your chatbot to target consumers who are interested in the products you sell, and, in this way, you will increase your revenue and be able to expand the product base of your company.

Along with this process, you will gain loyal consumers who will promote your new products to their family and friends who might need that particular product that you are offering.

Spreading the word for free via your customers is the best achievement that every company wants to accomplish.

2. The Company Behind the Chatbot

Build your chatbot with the same mind frame as for when you were creating your logo.

Your chatbot will be your second company logo, and you want to present your brand the way that your logo does, and to be remembered.

3. Loyalty Rewards

Give back something to your existing customers, build a loyalty program or bundle deals made just for them, and push this offer through your chatbot.

Be careful with discounts, as you still need to make a profit. That is why bundle deals work better. This is how big companies do discounts.

And, if you make it personal by saying “We have an offer that may satisfy your needs, would you like to see it?” ─ you will intrigue the customer, and she will remember you.

4. Email

Build your chatbot with a “Subscribe Button,” and you can create a marketing campaign with an already collected audience.

People love email promotions, so pay close attention when building your template as it needs to be straightforward and efficient.

A small tip to remember is that when creating the email promotion, don’t use too many pictures because, today, customers are using smartphones and it will help to load the email faster if fewer graphics are used.

5. Competition

Check the competition from time to time.

Be prepared to make a new marketing campaign that will be competitive with other companies that sell what you want to sell, especially for the holidays.

Offer something unique to your customers.

And don’t forget about Black Friday! This day be sure to give something extra, even if you don’t make a lot of profit, as it will put you in a higher rank among customers.

And. . . Remember the bundle deals.

6. Act Fast

Adopt new channels and technology that can help you with your company marketing.

Now is the time to embrace this new technology that we call a chatbot.

Sooner or later, every company will have a chatbot.

Chatbots have various uses, so be smart and act quickly. This is especially useful for young businesses and startups.

Final Thoughts

If you are wondering where to start building a chatbot, you are at the right place.

ChattyPeople is here to help every step of the way!

Register for free and use our platform to build your chatbot today.


Posted by Slobodan S.