How to Make An Enterprise Chatbot For Free Today!


It`s amazing how technology works. In the recent past years, what we wanted to build was so expensive that not everyone could afford it.

However, these days, more and more open-source developments are in arm’s reach.

Here are 3 ways that will allow  to make a chatbot for free today:

1. Facebook

Let’s start with Facebook.

Facebook gives developers the option to create a chatbot for free by using their own platform, with which platform you can integrate your chatbot to their Messenger App and give your clients a personalized chat experience.

FB updates their Messenger Platform this April and will be adding a new tool to enrich conversations even further.

As I already have mentioned, it’s for developers, as you still need to have some advanced knowledge that will aid you in creating your chatbot for free.

2. Develop it Yourself

Open-source communities are spreading in our world. With this liberal way of thinking, we can achieve much more and improve technologies created.

Here are some open-source codes that you can start with that will help you to create a chatbot:

  • Chatterbot Eliza ─ Chatterbot Eliza is the first-of-its-kind chatbot and it’s the code that everyone began to use to develop and improve this technology. This code dates from 1966.
  • Amazon Machine Learning ─ Amazon gives the opportunity to a developer to use their machine learning technology. It provides a visualization tool with wizards that will guide you through the process. It’s the same code that is implemented in Alexa.
  • Alice Bot ─ A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity) ─ Alice is inspired by the Eliza program. It was created back in 1995 and was rewritten in java in 1998. This program is thought to be the strongest program of its kind and has won the Loebner Prize three times, in 2000, 2001 and 2004.

3. Free Bot Building Platforms

With the creation of chatbots and their rise over the internet, dozens of companies have started to offer service platforms that will help you to create a chatbot.

One of them is us, ChattyPeople!

It’s free to get started, then to upgrade, the cost depends on the user’s account, varying from around $20 per month to more than a thousand.

These platforms help you to create a chatbot without knowledge of coding, and they offer customer support and will be there for you while you and your company grow.

Final Thoughts From ChattyPeople

Why do we do what we do? Simply because we want to help entrepreneurs and companies “big or small” with today’s technology and allow them to experience the use of their very own chatbot for their business.

Take advantage of our free start-up kit!

Here, at ChattyPeople, we will help you to see the potential of a personal chatbot and give your business the opportunity to grow. We even will integrate your new chatbot into Facebook for you.

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Posted by Slobodan S.