How To Get Hundreds Of Thousands Of Users Following Your Chatbot


Having a chatbot and not using it correctly is a problem that everyone can face. The purpose of a chatbot is to use it and gather as many users as possible.

You have built your chatbot and now might be wondering how you can get it out there. How can you make people use it?

It’s not an easy task, but we have some suggestions that you can use, and hopefully, they will help you to attract more users.

Here is how:

Know its Purpose

Make the chatbot as useful as possible. Building a program to be used by people needs to have a purpose. This is the first thing you need to think of when deciding to build the chatbot.

What will be the purpose of the chatbot, and what can the chatbot do for the users? Even if there is a similar chatbot or app, you can achieve more if you use a different approach.

Use the examples provided by Poncho bot. Learn more here:

♦ Poncho Bot

Poncho Bot is one of the success stories in the chatbot world. It provides weather updates, which is nothing new, but still, the creator has successfully achieved it being used by lots of people.

In the beginning, they did not have that many users, mainly because the competition was tremendous. There are so many useful apps that provide the same thing, and people just have the habit to use what they have used before.

So, what they did is that they took a different approach. They updated the chatbot to suggest taking an umbrella because of the possibility of rain. This is the way to break down boundaries and to make a chatbot more fun to use and interact with than other apps.


Use marketing to draw attention to your chatbot. Social media is an excellent way to start if you already have subscribers for your brand that will jumpstart your user attraction.

If you don’t have subscribers, make a fun page for your customers on Facebook and put the chatbot there to interact with users.

Another way is to achieve using marketing outside of the digital world, as you will be surprised at how many users you can attract by putting an ad in the newspaper, or even passing out flyers around your community.


Offering a tool that will be a substitute for multiple tools and will provide the same usefulness as the others will make the chatbot more straightforward to use.

Everyone will use a chatbot that will give them a more comprehensive and multifunctional use. Integrations are the way you can make this happen.

Multi-Messaging Platforms

All messaging platforms have welcomed chatbots. The use of these messaging platforms is spreading, so the smart thing to do is to build a chatbot for your brand and integrate it into all of these platforms.

This will help you to spread awareness in different places in the digital world, and attract more users.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Don’t let your inspiration be stopped because there is already an app for that, as the history of the digital world proves that new and different approaches can achieve more than the previous programs that were created.

For example, take a step back and remember what we used before Facebook. Facebook wasn’t the first social media platform, as we had MySpace and Hi5 which were created before Facebook. A different approach and innovations are what Facebook used to help overrun the existing competition.

There is no better day than today.

Use our platform, here at ChattyPeople, and start building a chatbot. We have made it simple with our starter plan; it’s free to start, so you have nothing to lose.

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