Here Come The Marketing Bots! ChattyPeople Can Help!

Social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, are where the battle of the bots is taking place.

Some might recognize automation services that produce spam, such as unwanted emails and comments on blog posts.

With changes made by Facebook and the welcoming of chatbots, this should change a little bit. It will change because the need of one company to hire a marketer to reach more customers (via spam) will end and every company will have a chatbot integrated into Facebook Messenger and will be able to make their own marketing campaigns.

As a protection to the end user, in this case, a Facebook user, Facebook has made an option for their users to block the chatbot if they don’t want to use it anymore or unsubscribe from a chatbot by sending “stop” to stop receiving updates from the chatbot.

Facebook has given more control to the end user, for example, there are chatbots that will show up in your private conversations and offer you products and services that will match some of the keywords used in your conversation.

You can disable messages like this and keep the chatbot without completely blocking it, and have peace of mind while you are in a conversation with someone.

Social Media and Chatbots

Over the years, Internet and Social Media pages have become everyday uses for most of us. With growing databases and never-ending expansions of information on the Internet, it has become difficult to process all of this for businesses.

With chatbots, your company will be able to process this enormous scale of information quickly and recognize key words used in peoples’ searches and will be able to generate new sales leads for your chatbot to pursue.

What else can a marketing bot do for your company?

A Bot Will Generate More Leads

One frustrating thing that happens in the marketing world is that it’s hard to find high-quality leads that will become customers.

With the use of the chatbots, that will change because they will act as lead generators and select who to target with your products.

With chatbot platforms today utilizing Artificial Intelligence, these chatbots will be able to develop criteria that identifies leads that are most likely to be a good fit for a company’s products or services.

With this new ability, the chatbot will have the power to generate more quality leads, with the crucial thing being to determine which customer is in stage of wanting to buy, and which one is in the final stage where the customer is prepared to make the purchase.

This will be an easy task for the chatbot by gathering information of the user, while interacting with them.

Final Thoughts by ChattyPeople

If you embrace an Enterprise chatbot and use it as a marketing tool, it will turn into one powerful alliance.

Your bot will make your company grow and will make your life much easier.

We, here at ChattyPeople, believe that as your company grows, more sales will be generated, and life will get a lot better. 

To help make your business grow, log onto and start building your chatbot for free. No coding is required, and help is always available.

 Posted by Slobodan S.