Enterprise Chatbots And Artificial Intelligence

Today, movies are becoming a reality. From my point of view, movies are the basic cause of pushing scientists to accomplish amazing inventions. We need to thank the film makers and novelty writers for the imagination used in their stories.

In the last couple of years, enterprises had upgraded chatbot technology and implemented the use of them in the e-commerce business.

We are going to see the use of chatbots more and more as time goes by.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the Holy Grail of science. From the beginning of computerizing, our world has sought a way to make Artificial Intelligence possible.

What would be the definition of Artificial Intelligence if we needed to describe it? Computer programing, or a device that can mimic human behavior?

We have accomplished so much in the last decade through robotics and computer programming that we can take Artificial Intelligence technology to the next level. We are getting closer to giving it actual bodies and human-like appearances.

In fact, Hondas Asimo, a humanoid robot, can mimic human behavior. It can walk, talk and jump, can practice soccer with you, or even fetch you a drink. It`s pretty impressive, but unfortunately, that technology it’s still too expensive.

The Use of Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

The main reason for this article is to describe the use of chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Have we accomplished combining those already? I believe we did, with Amazon`s Alexa, Google Hello, iPhone`s Siri or Cortana from Microsoft.

All these chatbots, with the voice service they provide, in a way, have mimicked human behavior (Talk). You can talk to them, ask questions and get an answer.

The interaction is quite impressive. AI chatbots can be used through our smart phones and interactive devices which some of these companies have designed.

By addressing them with the established wake word, they start the interaction with you, and it feels as if you are asking a real person to do something for you.

A couple of years back, if someone were behind a computer and playing music, you would ask that person to play your favorite song. Now, all of that has changed

I`m asking Alexa to do that for me, and she will start shuffling songs for me from my favorite artist. We will be able to connect our smart devices and ask Alexa to perform an action for us, and in some way, she can become a private butler (that’s in a case of owning a smart house).

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Not only voice activated chatbots have Artificial Intelligence in their programming.

Messenger-based chatbots can provide human-like interactions with the ability of machine learning.

Machine learning is the option chatbots have to expand their knowledge by gathering information from the clients they interact with, and with time, they will learn more answers to common questions and will make choices on their own, which, again, is more human-like.