Conversational Banking Where Chatbots Take Over

Banking industries have taken advantage of this new chatbot technology and provided us with the best customer support agents possible.

Instead of going inside a branch, losing time waiting in line, making a phone call or searching for a proper answer to your issue, chatbots can step in and give us a fast way to reach our information.

Conversational Banking

The purpose of conversational banking is to interact with a smart program that will help you get the information you need.

You can ask chatbots simple inquires about:

♦ Account information
♦ Balances
♦ Routing numbers

Plus, much more.

Why Use Chatbots for Banking?

Why, when we can get all that information via websites?

First of all, chatbots are fast. Yes, they are faster than humans, and they can find the answer and reply to questions even more quickly.

There is no more “thank you for your patience,” as we are receiving the information instantly. They can calculate and help you with decisions on things you might want to buy, give you a visual chart of your spending habits, recommend if that is the right thing to do, and if you can you afford to buy without future financial discomfort.

How Can Chatbots Work on Messenger?

Using chatbots provided for the Messenger platform is more convenient because it’s faster. But if your Facebook account is not linked to your bank account, for example, your chatbot will connect you through Yodlee which is a Software Company that develops an account aggregation service.

A few things you can use Yodlee for:

♦ Credit card balances
♦ Bank statements
♦ Travel rewards

Several companies specialize in improving the banking experience and have developed Artificial Intelligence to provide a better customer experience.

One of these companies is Clinc, a company stationed in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Clinc is founded by AI and Systems Research Professors from the University of Michigan: Professor Jason Mars, Professor Lingjia Tang, Dr. Michael Laurenzano and Johan Hauswald.

Back in September, Clinc created the Finie bot ─ a name created by combining “Finance” and “Genie.” Clinc is aiming to be the brain behind the banking services for delivering interactive customer experience through intelligent machines.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

From branches to ATMs via Apps and chatbots, this is the direction of the most powerful industry in the world, “Banks.” And it will be for everyone.

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Posted by Slobodan S.