Forget Apps; Now Bots Take Over

Chatbots are popping up everywhere. Brands are realizing the potential of bots and are pursuing this technology to serve their clients.

In fact, in the near future, there will be no company without a bot.

The biggest reason is people; we are the ones that drive this technology to rise.

Studies have shown that people rather communicate with their Brands through messaging Apps. By 2030, conversations with bots will be, not only the preferred way of communication, but the only way with Brands.

Chat VS Mobile

Chat is the new Mobile interface! With the normal application losing 75% of dynamic clients inside the initial three days, it’s hard to drive downloads, as well as to hold clients.

Then again, client engagement on informing stages — for example, Detachment, Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp — is achieving new statures.

Application fatigue, plus ascent of informing, is driving a change in the outlook of the decade. Talk interfaces or bots are rethinking portable cooperations.

Bots Are All Over the Place. . .

Informing bots can read and compose messages simply like a human would. Bots can be modified to complete mechanized activities. Bots can both start an activity and also react to demands from various clients. Bots are of various types, as well; they computerize discussions, exchanges or work processes.

Web-based business bots empower purchasing of products and ventures. Content bots share important substance with you (e.g., news, climate). Watcher bots advise you when particular occasions happen (e.g., your flight is postponed, this auto needs overhauling, etc.).

Managing an account and exchanging bots give budgetary administrations. Work process bots mechanize business work processes in deals, HR, operations, administrator, funds and so forth. Outline bots abridge information in graphs reasonable for little screens. IT bots interface us to our savvy homes, autos and gadgets. Attendant bots give an extensive variety of administrations executed by various bots.

Furthermore, when these bots get the chance to be excessive, your Personal Assistant bot deals with the correspondence with alternate bots for you, heightening just the high-need demands for which you’ve prepared it.

Technology Trend

If we see the history and peoples’ reaction to technology, we can all agree that bots are the next big thing.

First, we transferred from traditional ways of business to digital. Then, we changed the world with online shopping, and we took advantage of Smartphones and use them daily.

We prefer this type of communication, as it`s much easier and faster, and you receive the message instantly and read it when you can. In one word, we are connected and available 24/7. Now, it’s time for Brands to do the same.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

We are in the need for more memory and faster programs, and this is where bots actually step in and start to swap with Apps.

With bots, there is no need of downloading and no installation, as they are just there in the digital space of their own, and all we need to do is to interact with them.

Start today, and get to know this technology a little better. Build a chatbot with our Builder Tool, here at ChattyPeople.

The platform we provide is user-friendly and no coding is needed. Don’t wait and use our trial offer and start building your chatbot for free.

Register today; it’s free. ChattyPeople is here to help.

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The History Of Chatbots

Chatbots — everyone has heard about them. In fact, there are stories about them and what they can do, but not everyone understands how they were created and why they were created.

In a university not so far away, the story of chatbots began. . .

Here is some retrospective on the chatbots’ history:

The Definition of a Chatbot

Chatbots are also called talkbots, chatterbots, bots, IM bots, interactive agents, or Artificial Conversational Entities. No matter what name you use, it’s the same technology within. If we need to give a definition and explain what they are, here it is:

A chatbot is a computer program that is able to conduct a conversation with a human via text or voice.

The Background of Chatbots

The idea is old and dates from the 1950s. Alan Turing is the person responsible for the idea and concept of how a computer program can impersonate a human in a real-time conversation.

The article he published, called “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” is still used as a test when a chatbot program is developed; the test is called the Turing Test and has an important role in developing and improving chatbot programs.

Joseph Weizenbaum, a German-American computer scientist, and a Professor Emeritus at MIT, took great interest in what Alan Turing proposed and used his test to build the first chatbot, Eliza.

Eliza — Where it All Began

The first chatbot, Eliza, was created in 1966 to demonstrate the superficiality of communication between man and machine. This chatbot, or chatterbot, Eliza, is an early use of Natural Language Processing code, and is one of the first that had passed the Turing Test.

Eliza, and the code used for creating this program, is still used for the creation of all chatbots and is the foundation of chatbots.

The Name Chatbot

The term chatterbot was originally created by Michael Mauldin, the creator of the first Verbot, Julia. The meaning of the term Verbot is a combination of two words, Verbal and Robot. The idea for creating such a program was from the idea behind the creation of the program, Eliza, and the possibility for a computer to impersonate human behavior.

Chatterbots are found on many websites today and are a part of virtual assistants, such as Amazon’s Assistant, Siri and Cortana.

The instant messaging platform, such as Facebook Messenger, is the space where chatbots are widely used today, and they are the reason for pushing this technology further.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and the idea behind this technology date back from the beginning of the computer world. This technology, and the use of it, is the beginning of the new technological era that will define our society as we know it. In fact, it will change the way we live, work and socialize.

The benefit for enterprises and the implementation of chatbot technology is huge. This technology is the direction of all organizations in the near future. Don’t hold back and wait for the competition to outrun you. We are giving you a chance to experiment with this technology and create a chatbot easily without coding.

Get started for free today with our platform and create your first chatbot. Register today; ChattyPeople is here to help.

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Enterprise White Label Chatbot Solutions At Your Fingertips

Chatbots have proved that they are a helpful solution for enterprise, and their demand for customer service is rising. The possibility to deal with a program and receive a fast response to an inquiry is overwhelming, as it saves time and effort, and makes customer satisfaction rise.

Brands without a chatbot will fall and new Brands taking advantage of this new technology will rise. This is the crossroad for companies, especially ones in the e-commerce business.

Chatbot Use for Enterprise

The most common use that has helped enterprises is the feature to have customer support 24/7 for your customers with a use of a chatbot.

Today, peoples’ most used device is a Smartphone along with a messenger app. The convenience to multi-task with one device and use a single app to do so is the number one decision for millennials to love chatbots.

The advancements made in AI and Natural Language Processing has made these programs able to mimic human-like conversation just like talking with a real person. The speed that chatbots have to find information is not even close to the speed that a human has, and with this, the standard of dealing with customers’ needs to reach information is raised and there will be no going back from this technology to actual human support.

The Benefits of An Enterprise Chatbot

The benefit of an enterprise having a chatbot goes both ways; it benefits the company and the customer.

Hera are several examples of what the benefits are:

♦They’re Restless:

Chatbots are a restless program that can work around the clock without losing concentration to give the best customer support that your clients deserve.

♦High Capacity:

Chatbots have the capacity to serve thousands of customers at the same time and they will not fall short with any of your clients.


The possibility to build your chatbot with various tasks will save your company money and will serve your customers’ needs, as you can build a chatbot to be a perfect conversationalist that can act as a problem solver, sales agent or even a marketer for your brand. The opportunity that chatbot technology offers is endless and the list is getting longer of what they can do for your business.

♦White Label Trend:

The new trend is rising over the horizon which is the enterprise White Label chatbot solution. With this new trend, a new opportunity to have a profitable business is growing. Developing a chatbot can be pretty expensive if a developer is hired, but with the Chatbot Building Platform, here at ChattyPeople, that is not the case.

Using a White Label Chatbot Building Platform and representing it as your Brand will help you to serve more clients that are in need for this kind of technology.

As this technology progresses, there will be a chatbot for every Brand out there. Chatbots are becoming a must-have tool for business, and they will be the channel of communication between Brands and their customers.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Try our platform, here at ChattyPeople, and build a chatbot for your customers today. Be sure to take advantage of the starter plan we offer and get started for free.

Register today; ChattyPeople is here to help.

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5 Things Marketers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the everyday thing today, as we use it for surfing the web, watching movies on Netflix, and we even talk and chat with it.

The expansion of AI in every field in our world is yet to come. However, it will never stop, as the deep learning and self-improvement of these programs and Natural Language Processing are coming to be loved by many people as the new way of communicating with technology.

The art of presenting goods and ideas to Marketing science is being used with this technology, and over the past several years, we are seeing ads for products that we actually need.

If you are in the marketing business, there are things that you should know about AI:

5 Things Marketers Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

1. Chatbots are the New Face of Brands

First of all, chatbots are based on an AI code, so they are defined as AI. The use of chatbots is expanding. In the near future, we will see them in various forms; they won’t be only behind the curtain as they already have had their first step into the physical world.

For this, we need to thank Apple and Microsoft for the creation of Siri and Cortana, as this trend was pursued by Amazon with Alexa, and now Google and Wal-Mart, and so on. . .

This is the beginning of how we communicate with our Brands, and chatbots and AI will be the face of all Brands in near future.

2. AI Plays Marketing Smart 

AI is already playing it smart, as it tracks our movements over the net and is seeing our searches and giving suggestions on products based on our searches.

This is one way of marketing AI, as spam folders will be less bombed with unnecessary emails in the near future because of direct marketing that we will have by interacting with AI, in the forms of VA or Sales Agents, through Messenger Apps.

3. AI Knows Your Customers    

The thing about AI is that it will learn the behavior of your customers and will recognize a pattern in their shopping needs.

It will know when and what they could need and will present the product to your customers, and people will love it.

4. More Data Means Better Outcome

With the ability to process and gather more Data than humans, AI will make marketing more effective. Marketers who jump in and start using this technology will benefit the most.

Interacting with consumers and mimicking human-like talk will gather important information that delivers a better-planned marketing campaign.

5. Working On the Clock

Having a program that will work on the clock and be restless is cost-effective, as it will change the nature of marketing forever.

Using AI programs will help you to reach more clients than ever before, which will give you the ability to expand. Don’t take AI technology for granted, however, as it still needs improvements.

But one thing is sure; the future is beginning now.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Today is the day you need to make a decision and start building a new face that will represent your brand to your customers.

Build a chatbot using our Chatbot Building Platform with no coding required, as our chatbot builder will do all the coding for you. Take advantage of the trial starter plan we have and start building a chatbot for free.

Register today; it`s free. ChattyPeople is here to help.

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White Label Chatbot Solutions For Sale Today

Chatbots have been with us for awhile now and the biggest buzz came when Facebook opened the gate to the Messenger App.

Chatbot creation is becoming a way of new industry in the development world. In fact, some companies have taken advantage of it to turn this new technology into profit.

This is the right moment to talk about possible White Label Chatbot Solutions for your Brand.

White Label

White Label products or services are most commonly found in food products and electronic devices. They are products made by one company that allows marketers or a company to present it as their brand, and with this kind of solution, both sides benefit, especially the company that is purchasing the White Label product without investing in the technology or production line.

Even so, this type of solution was originally made for physical products and software companies have found a way to represent this kind of solution for a number of software solutions.

Chatbot Builder Platforms

A Chatbot Builder Platform is a software that is creating chatbots automatically for the clients of the company that owns this kind of a platform.

The most interesting part is that it offers customers a way to build a chatbot without any developer skills and with no knowledge of programming.

Building Platforms, such as ours, here at ChattyPeople, have to offer you Artificial Intelligent code powered with Natural Language Processing syntax that allows the user to build a perfect conversationalist in no time.

Having a chatbot for business is a “Thing” that every brand will have in the near future.

A New Opportunity

With chatbots spreading through the digital world, the opportunity to make it a profitable business is on the rise. With this new field in the development world, it has created a chatbot buzz. However, there is still not that big of a focus on this opportunity which now makes it easier to pursue.

If we go back a while, this is exactly what happened with the app and builder platforms that were created which allowed users to create apps easily without having expert skills in coding.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

The first step in learning and finding out what this technology is all about is to try a chatbot out. Building a chatbot that can benefit your company and your clients has never been easier, as all you need to do is choose the right Chatbot Building Platform and build one for yourself.

Don’t hesitate and try out our platform today, as no coding is needed and our platform is user-friendly. In fact, it will allow you create a conversational chatbot in a couple of hours.

Take advantage of our free trial and start building your chatbot today. Register now; ChattyPeople is here to help.

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Santa’s Little Chatbot Helpers

The clock is ticking and you still have not found time to go shopping or to make dinner reservations. It can be tough these days, as we are all working hard through the season so we can enjoy the holidays.

However, this can put you in a situation you don’t want to be in; doing last minute shopping, running around looking for the right gift for your nephew or mother-in-law, and yes, you don’t want to miss not giving her a present.

Well, Santa has helper elves, and one can save the day for you, as well.

There is this buzz that it can be magical and it’s called a chatbot. Brands have been relying on bots for the past two years and they are more helpful to us then we could imagine.

Here are several bots that can save you time and help you have the perfect Christmas with your loved ones:

♦Tommy Hilfiger

Attire is dependably the best present classification for the Christmas season. Who wouldn’t appreciate getting in vogues fashion from the Tommy Hilfiger Brand?

Spare yourself an outing to the swarmed shopping centers and message Tommy Hilfiger in Messenger. You’ll be welcomed by the TMY.GRL bot, which is on edge to flaunt of the collection for ladies.

TMY.GRL welcomes you to investigate the gathering of items, looks or particular garment classes. I initially dove into the outerwear classification. I have a relative at the top of the priority list who may require a new coat. The chatbot offered photographs of 10 unique coats that I could take a gander at and add to a shopping basket. I got so caught up to speed on the experience that I wound up looking for myself, as well!

I experienced a barrier when I endeavored to add things to my cart, however. Each item I attempted to add was out of stock. The chatbot was exceptionally conciliatory, saying “Ugh, hate when that happens.” I figure this chatbot won’t spare me an excursion to the shopping center, however, in any event, I have a superior idea of what to purchase.

♦LEGO’s Gift Bot

A Facebook Messenger chatbot, Ralph, will encourage you to pick the ideal present. After a few questions, appropriate LEGO items are then recommended and you can click on them and be taken straight to the shopping basket.

Plus, there is more opportunity for Home Alone or a Christmas Carol and a brazen mince pie – what’s not to love?

♦Dine Bot

Tasting Table works DINE bot, an eatery suggestion chatbot on the Facebook Messenger platform. This is a super fun bot that has different utilizations, including a present discovering feature.

You browse arrangements of emojis to choose who you’re looking for, what their leisure activities and interests are, and the amount you want to spend.

♦Sparkle Bot

5Gifts4Her has made the Sparkle Bot for Facebook Messenger. As indicated by their site, Sparkle Bot is fueled by

The chatbot requests that you say who you’re looking for, so I picked “Mother.” I generally battle to discover a present that suits her. Christmas wasn’t one of the events that Sparkle offered, however, it had “other,” so I picked that one. Many cool gifts popped up for Mom.

Let`s wrap this up … with ChattyPeople

Don’t panic; Christmas Bot Helpers are here and here to stay.

These virtual elves will help on more occasions during the year, and if you haven’t tried one, now it’s a good time to start.

Log onto our platform at ChattyPeople and get started for free today!

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Top 10 Slackbot Development Tools For Enterprise

Slack is becoming the ultimate virtual space where work happens. The variety of Apps and integrations within the Slack platform is helping the job to be done in a faster and easier way. The number of integrations is growing with time, and this is the reason why Slack is becoming one of the most used work platforms.

If you are working in Slack, here are 10 recommendations that you can use:

1). GitHub

GitHub offers online source code hosting for Git projects, with powerful collaboration, code review and issue tracking. This integration will post commits, pull requests and activity on GitHub Issues to a channel in Slack.


IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect various web applications using a conditional statement: If this, then that. This integration will let you connect Slack to an IFTTT action, like a new entry added to an RSS feed.

3). Zapier

Zapier automatically moves info between Slack and the other Apps you use during your day so you can focus on your most important work. Zapier supports 750+ Apps like Gmail, Basecamp, HubSpot, Evernote, Google Sheets, Typeform and more. In just a few minutes ─ no coding skills required! ─ you can set up Zaps (automation) that turn Slack into your team’s central command. Bring calendar events, social media mentions or new lead details straight into chat. Or, automatically create a to-do when you star a Slack message.

4). Jenkins CI

Jenkins CI  is a customizable continuous integration server with over 600 plugins, allowing you to configure it to meet your needs. This integration will post build notifications to a channel in Slack.

5). Jira

Jira can help every team reach their full potential with powerful workflow and project tracking. With the Jira Cloud app, you can stay up to date with Jira without leaving Slack. @jirabot is at your service, sending customizable notifications from Jira Cloud to you and your channels. Once you’ve connected a project to your channel, @jirabot will automatically preview Jira issues when they’re mentioned. It’s simple to set up subscriptions to one or more projects for your channel, and super-customizable notifications mean you can focus on the important stuff. NOTE: This App is only available for Jira Cloud if you’re using Jira Server or Jira Data.

6). CircleCI

CircleCI gives web developers powerful Continuous Integration and Deployment with easy setup and maintenance. Simply connect your GitHub account, and CircleCI can run tests on your Ruby, Python, Node.js, Java and PHP projects. This integration will post notifications to a channel in Slack when a CircleCI builds finishes.

7). Monkey Test It

With this one, it’s the only way to summon a troop of specially bred, fully automated website testing monkeys to your website. These tests check for all the most commonly overlooked mistakes, including JavaScript errors, missing files (images, CSS, etc.), broken links and SEO issues. Don’t waste time clicking on the web-inspector whenever you deploy your website; let our monkeys do the hard work.

8). Tempo

Tempo for Slack app gives you direct access to your timesheet so you can log work on JIRA issues without leaving your chat.
* Instantly view your timesheet status, see how much time you’ve logged, and what’s required for any given period.
* Navigate to your detailed timesheet in Tempo Cloud with a click.
* If your timesheet is ready to submit, you can also quickly submit it to your supervisor in a matter of seconds.

9). Repo Info

This tool shows info about linked public git repos ─ stars, activity, and dependencies highlights red-flags for any git repositories mentioned in your Slack channels so you can see if they are well-maintained before adding them to your project. It shows stars, watchers, forks, licenses, age, last push time and checks for outdated/deprecated dependencies (across 22 package managers) for any public GitHub repo mentioned in a monitored Slack channel. Powered by Github API,, Claudia js, AWS Lambda, S3 and Slack Events API.

10). DNS Check

DNS Check enables you to monitor, share and troubleshoot DNS records easily.
A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, PTR, SOA, SRV and TXT DNS records are supported. The integration will notify you via Slack when a DNS record starts passing or failing its check.

Final Thoughts

The Slack Platform and bot technology use among companies is growing and will become the tools that we can’t imagine our work lives without.

If you are interested in building a chatbot for your Slack Platform, visit us at today! It’s free to get started!

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Enterprise Solution: A White Label Opportunity

Making a White label with your Brand Name on it is the purpose of this White Label chatbot solution. Building a chatbot from scratch or hiring a developer to do that for you can be a long and stressful process. There is no need for any of that as all you need to do is to build one yourself using our platform, here at ChattyPeople.

Put your Brand`s Name on your new chatbot ─ yourself.

White Label Opportunity

Don’t miss out on our white Label opportunity that is allowing you to build a chatbot with your personal Brand’s name. There is no more a need for endless lines of codes, then doing it all over again.

Use ChattyPeople’s Platform to do the coding for you so you can keep your focus on your chatbot’s knowledge base and make it the way you want it to represent the Brand behind it. . . Your Brand.

How it Works

The Chatbot Building Platform we have is user-friendly and does the coding for you. There is no need for a single line of code from your side as our Building Platform will do that for you. In fact, all you need to do is to build the knowledge base of your chatbot and create the kind of conversationalist your Brand deserves.

ChattyPeople is the ultimate AI platform powered by Natural Language Processing, a solution that can build text and voice bots. You are able to test, deploy and manage your bots, creating a personalized conversationalist that mimics human-like conversations.


♦Artificial Intelligence Code

♦NLP: Natural Language Processing

♦Multi-Platform Integrations: Automated for Facebook Slack, Skype, Wechat, and Other Websites

♦Custom Solutions

♦Bot Analytics: Analyze the chatbot’s behavior at any time

♦Payment Integrations: Integrate with leading payment solutions for both internal and external users

Who Can Build a Chatbot?

We want to help entrepreneurs, companies big and small, build and implement a new channel of communicating with their clients.

You can be a company decision maker or a developer that wants to serve the needs of your clients and build a chatbot solution.

With the White Label option, you can do so and build a chatbot with your Brand’s Name using our Builder Platform, and the best thing is, no coding is needed when you use our platform.

In fact, we have extensive experience in business solutions that will meet your objectives. Our AI understands and answers user requests.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

You are probably wondering how to proceed? First thing first, register now for free and take advantage of the trial starter plan we offer where you can start building your chatbot today.

Our platform is user-friendly and we have a step by step guide to walk you through the process of building your first chatbot.

Register today, and remember, ChattyPeople is here to help!

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21 Bot Professionals You Need To Follow

Chatbots are all over the internet. The use of chatbots is spreading and will not stop growing. This new industry is covered by many names, people and companies that want to spread the word.

To help you know who you should be following in the chatbot world, we have put together a list of 20 professionals you need to follow so you can be up to date with this technology.

1). Murray Newlands

First on my list is Murray Newlands, Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Adviser and Speaker. Newlands started his career as a lawyer, but at the age of 23, he pursued a different path, becoming much more creative by becoming an entrepreneur and opening his own agency for creative marketing and public relations.

Murray Newlands is the author of “Online Marketing: A User’s Manual,” and he has also published “How to Get PR for your Startup: Traction” and “Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals.”

Furthermore, he is a founder of, an online invoicing company, and, one of the best chatbot platform solution for creating AI chatbots that can be integrated into Facebook Messenger.

Murray wants to help entrepreneurs and marketers in large and medium-size companies by offering chatbot solutions with his free plan to start at

Murray Newlands was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top influential marketers in the World.

2). Sujan Patel

Entrepreneur, marketer, and founder of WedProfit or Mailshake, Sujan Patel is an entrepreneur and marketer with his thirteen years of experience. He has helped Turbotax, Mint and Salesforce to grow their companies. Patel is a co-founder of & He has many publications on chatbot technology at Forbes and

3). Michael Perry

Michael Perry is co-founder and CEO of Kit CRM which was acquired by Shopify, and now he is a Product Director at Shopify.

4). Simon Robic

Product Manager at iAdvize and is the founder of Bringr and works as a Product Manager at iAdvize. Simon Robic believes that if AI chatbots are guided by humans, they will have a bigger effect on the quality of the customer service that companies want to provide to their clients.

5). Alex Lebrun

Bot Trainer at Facebook, Alex Lebrun, is the co-founder of, the voice recognition startup. was sold to Facebook and now he is part of the Facebook team and works as a Bot Trainer.

6). Tina Chen

Product Design Manager and Slack Technologies.

7). James Cooper

Head of Creative, Betaworks & Chief Creative Office, Poncho.

8). Esther Crawford

Co-Founder & CEO, Olabot.

9). Mike Gozzo

Co-Founder & CTO,

10). Ilker Köksal

From Botanalytics.

11). Matt Schlicht

One of the biggest resources available for learning about chatbots is Chatbots Magazine, and its founder, Matt Schlicht, is one of the industry’s top influencers. Known as one of the best social media guys around, Schlicht has earned a reputation for founding companies specializing in chatbot creation and AI marketing, like Octane AI. He wrote “The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Chatbots” which is well worth reading.

12). Marlene Jia

Chatbots are relatively new. However, prominent publications are helping business owners understand how chatbots can help their companies. Malene Jia, in association with Adelyn Zhou, published “Chatbots,” a book that helps marketers build efficient bots on Facebook and other platforms. Jia is also the Head of Revenue and Operations at TOPBOTS and helps drive superior experiences for customers through chatbot technology

13) Dharmesh Shah

Anyone who is familiar with online marketing thought leaders will recognize Dharmesh Shah, or at least his company, Hubspot. Shah is a co-founder and CTO at Hubspot, a developer of software products to aid inbound marketing and sales. He has taken a strong stance on the importance of chatbots and was one of the driving forces behind the release of Growthbot, Hubspot’s own chatbot.

14) Adelyn Zhou

Ad Head of Marketing at TOPBOTS, the co-founder of TOPBOTS has made a name for herself in the AI field. She has been recognized as one of the most influential experts in AI, chatbots and growth. She gives many lectures and organizes, among other things, Bot Meetups.

15. Jason Mars

CEO of Clinc.

16. Lingjia Tang

CTO of Clinc founded out of Ann Arbor, Michigan in 2015, Clinc is the brainchild, Jason Mars (CEO) and Lingjia Tang (CTO), both AI and systems research professors from the University of Michigan. Clinc unveiled its first product, called Finie — a portmanteau derived from “finance” and “genie” — which the company touts as “the world’s most advanced voice-controlled AI platform for banking.”

17. Dr. Johann Hauswald

Co-Founder & Chief Architect of Clinc, Dr. Johann Hauswald, received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from The University of Michigan. Dr. Hauswald earned national attention for his creation of Sirius (now Lucida) the open-source intelligent personal assistant that he built entirely from the ground up. In addition to English, Johann is fluent in French and German. Previously, Johann received his B.S.E in Electrical Engineering and his M.S. in Computer Science from The University of Michigan.

18. Dr. Mike Laurenzano

Dr. Mike Laurenzano is the CTO and Co-Founder of Clinc. Mike received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from The University of Michigan, focusing on compilers and run-time systems, and has had over 40 research papers published during his career. Mike earned a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from The University of San Diego, and an MS in Computer Science and Engineering from The University of California, San Diego. Before founding Clinc, Mike was a computational scientist at UC San Diego and the Director of Systems and Architecture at EP Analytics. In addition to his impressive engineering portfolio, Mike is an avid endurance sports enthusiast, having completed an Ironman and several ultra-marathons.

♦♦The last three spots go to the Founders of DeepMind. Even though they are not in the chatbot development technology, they are the pioneers in AI and creators of AlphaGO. They need to be mentioned as the professionals I recommend to be followed because the chatbot technology is powered by AI and their research and further development is of most importance.

19). Dr. Demis Hassabis

Co-Founder & CEO, DeepMind.

20).Mustafa Suleyman

Co-Founder & Head of Applied AI.

21). Dr. Shane Legg

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist, DeepMind.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots and AI are the way of the future, and the way we will live our lives among technology, itself. This technology will be the outbreak that will help us to better ourselves in so many fields, and I believe it’s needed to be followed and embraced.

If you are interested in more information on how you can build your very own chatbot, please visit us at and get started for free! 

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How To Use A Chatbot To Get Ready For Christmas!


The holiday season is coming, and shopping lists need to be made!

Searching for the right gifts for your loved ones can be a frustrating task ─ what to buy this year?

We all have this challenge, year after year, as it’s the busiest time of the year and we need to find time to work, plan, spend time with the family, and do some shopping along the way.

How Can a Chatbot Help Us to Get Ready for Christmas?

♦Planning Gifts

Make a list and give your chatbot the task to cross each item off when you buy a gift! Plus, it can give you a proper reminder for the ones that you need to buy yet. You won’t forget this year because the chatbot is there to remind you.

♦Finding the Right Gift

Let your chatbot search for the best deals by giving the chatbot the proper information. Then, it will do all the searching for you! While you work, the chatbot will find the right gifts, and it will help you to save time.


Don’t forget to buy something for your coworkers, and exchange the gifts before you leave for the holiday break.

♦Gift Ideas

If you don’t have an idea of what to buy this year, let your chatbot send a little survey to your family and friends to gather firsthand information about what they want for Christmas. Make a wish list bucket and do your best to find the perfect gift!

♦Making a List

Make a list, and the chatbot will check it twice!

♦Setup a Budget

Give the chatbot your budget and input the amount spent so far so you can keep track on the spending and try to stay within your budget.

♦Shopping Online

Chatbots can find the best deals for your loved ones, and you can order them online and save time avoiding the crowds.

♦Setup an Alarm Clock

Let your chatbot wake you up and cheer you up with some Christmas songs every morning!

♦Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Let your chatbot find the right Christmas movie for you to enjoy, syncing your calendar and suggesting the time to go to the cinema.

♦Party Guru

If you are the party guru in your group, a chatbot is the tool to use to get yourself organized and send out proper invitations in time for the party!


If you decide to spend the holidays away, your chatbot is there for you with updates and reminders for your trip.


Let your chatbot countdown the days for you to remind you how close Christmas day is!

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

The busiest time is before Christmas, as we all work hard and can quickly forget something. This is why we can use a chatbot to make it easier for us so we can spend Christmas with the people we love and have the best Christmas ever.

Don’t wait; build your chatbot today! Let this new technology help you to represent your brand in a new way, as well!

Use our platform, here at ChattyPeople, and start making a chatbot for free; it’s easy with no coding, just drag and drop.

Be prepared for the busy season! Register for free; ChattyPeople is here to help!

Posted by Slobodan S.