10 Custom Chatbot Development Tips

You probably have done some research and decided to try this new technology. If so, you have made the right decision, and you need to follow these tips now because everyone will do this eventually.

Today, building a chatbot is easy, and what you need to do is to concentrate on how to make the chatbot performance good enough for users to want to interact with it.

Nothing is perfect at the beginning, but it needs to provide a decent user experience and be sure to improve it along the way.

Here are ten tips on how to proceed when building a chatbot:

1. Improve It Often

Don’t abandon the chatbot and leave it on its own. Always try to implement new things or adjust the chatbot’s behavior. Make the wrongs, right, as it’s human to make mistakes at the start and nothing is perfect. However, this is no reason for you not to try to make it better and better.

2. Feedback

Make it able to receive feedback from the users, and don’t be afraid of criticism. This is free advice on how to provide a better performance of your chatbot and to satisfy the needs of the customers.

3. Data

Build it to store the data collected. Make it do simple questionnaires and surveys. Don’t forget to make it simple, as no one wants to answer 30 questions and lose time. Use the data provided from the chatbot to increase user engagement and better the retention rates.

4. Targeted Marketing

Build it in a way to target demographically and propose products that will have successes; target the right audience with the right product.

5. Promote It

Spread the awareness through using the entire set of tools that are out there. Use social media and the internet, alongside with printed material outside the digital world.

6. Train Your Chatbot

Give the chatbot the necessary knowledge to finish the tasks correctly by inputting as much information as you can. After doing this, from time to time, feed it with some more information.

7. Use Logic

When creating the conversation flow, use logic so for every question will be provided with the right answers.

8. Use Variables

Variables are very important and using them with the questions and responses will increase your chances to represent a smart chatbot

9. Sessions

Try to increase the session of the users and draw them in for new ones. Don’t allow yourself to wait for the users to come back; try to spice it up and engage them. You may use your promotions and discounts to draw attention and start a new session.

10. Analytics

When you feel ready to deploy the chatbot, and you did your proper testing analytics, this is the final step. Use one of the analytic platforms to monitor the engagement and behavior of the chatbot. You will receive important data that will give you a better insight that everything is working according to plan.

Final Thoughts and a Bonus Tip

Choose the right platform, and lucky for you, you are at the right place.

Building a program was never easy, as you need to know how to code and use the proper syntaxes to do the right integrations. With our platform, the coding is done by us, so there is no need for you to write a single line of code.

What we did is to make things simple, with easy drag and drop, you will create a chatbot that will become a perfect conversationalist in a couple of hours.

To make things even more simple, we will integrate your chatbot with Facebook instantly, and Slack integration is just a click away.

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How Are Slack Bots Good For Business?

Back in the day, we were using many things to get the job done. Today, for the better, all of this has changed, and changes are still coming.

Having a virtual space you can share with your co-workers is the ultimate office that all of us are seeking. This is what Slack is ─ a place where work happens. Having the opportunity to create a Slack bot and use it is a gift for every business.

Here is a list of how a Slack bot will be good for your business and for your team.

Team Assistant

Give your team the powerful assistant that they deserve. Don’t worry about spoiling them, as you will take away some of the daily tasks that are time-consuming which will give them more time for much more important things. Having the extra time, your employees can focus on the project and how to increase the company’s revenue.

Synchronization in Workflow

Slack, in general, is made as an open communication theme of work. When everyone is informed in real time about changes and updates to the project, your team will achieve synchronization like never before. You will never hear the question, “Why wasn`t I informed about the changes” again.

All Communication in One Place

Having this powerful virtual office and the ability to forward all other channels of communication you use will help you to be more productive. The best thing is that the sync between your multi devices works perfectly. So, no matter if are you are in front of your laptop or using your smartphone, you will be up to date, in real time, of what’s going on in your office.

All Be on the Same Page

Bots can provide daily feedback of the overall progress of your team. Having someone to monitor and provide you with updates about the project allows you to know if everything is going according to plan and if everyone is on the same page.

Data Analyzed Fast

We should all agree that computer programs are faster in calculating than we are. Having a chatbot to analyze data much quicker and spread the outcome through the entire team is a time saver. By having a tool like this, there is no need to hire an analyst which will help your company save money, and you will have it at your disposal at all times.

Meetings Scheduled

Chatbots can synchronize everyone’s calendar and set up a meeting. There will be no more lost in translation situations. Chatbots can store all the sessions you have so everyone will be up to date if they missed the meeting.

Finally, the Cherry on the Top

The cherry on top is that it’s free to use Slack. That’s a good deal for everyone, and it’s an even better deal to make a chatbot for your team for free.

This is why ChattyPeople is here, as we provide you with a starter plan where you can build your chatbot and integrate it into Slack with one button.

Give your team a chatbot and start building one today. ChattyPeople is here to help.

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5 Ways Chatbots Have Shaped Retail


Retail, one of the oldest industries in the world, has shaped and reshaped in so many ways, and it`s in the stage of doing it once more.

Chatbots are tools that will change our lives as we know it, and by using them for retail, they will affect how we are shopping.

To help, here is a list of 5 ways how this technology is being used to reshape retail once again:

1). Facebook Messenger

Facebook opened the door and welcomed chatbots to live inside their Messenger app. Using the Messenger app for shopping will change the way we shop, and it will simplify things and be much faster and safer.

Adding other users to the Messenger app will increase the use of this app, and the options to text, call and shop will save time for the consumer.

2). On-Demand Shopping Support

Using chatbots and having them at our disposal 24/7 is proof enough that retail is reshaping. Shopping through the Messenger app or any other platform will become our personal shopping assistant and is a time-saver which makes shopping much more manageable.

With chatbots, we are able to find the products that suit our needs much faster. Since the chatbots implementation into our digital lives, shopping will never be the same again, as it will be more personal and more useful for both sides of the customer and the company.

3). Lower Costs

Millennials prefer the chatbot as a way of communication over all other sources. Even so, not everyone is on board with this as the number of users interacting with chatbots and their demand it’s rapidly increasing.

The best part and most significant benefits are that it will lower the cost on both sides. When I say both sides, I mean the customer and the brand behind the chatbot.

Companies that are using chatbots can reach a much broader audience than others, and with this, they are lowering the cost of the products because they save more money on marketing and human resources.

With the lowered costs, customers are much more satisfied using this technology.

4). Voice

Voice-activated chatbots definitely reshaped the retail industry the most. With voice recognition and improvements in this technology, we will experience shopping like never before.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Amazon

Amazon made a breakthrough with chatbot technology. Providing their customers with a well known Amazon device, Echo and Echo Dot, gives a new way of interacting with technology and a new way of shopping.

Having a friend with whom you can talk to and order through is amazing. It`s been proven to work very well for Amazon, and this is why other companies will pursue this way of doing business shortly.

  • Wall-Mart

Followed by offering two-day shipment, Wal-Mart teamed with Google has offered to their customers Google Home Mini. Together, with the Google Home device, they will provide a shopping experience through voice, and I believe it will be better than Alexa.

This is one thing that Amazon needs to be concerned about.

5). Inside Stores

We all have used price checkers at stores, and we know how helpful they may be. Lowes went little further and offered their customers a chatbot that will help them find what they are looking for.

They announced that this year, they will put in use their LoweBot in some of their stores as an experimental stage. This is one more way how shopping has changed with technology.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Are you prepared to move forward and use technology to improve your business? You are at the right place, here at ChattyPeople, so register today and use our starter plan to start building your chatbot for free.

Start to reshape your business with an implementation of chatbot technology ─ and no worries ─ no coding is needed when using our platform, as we have made it easy to use.

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8 Reasons Why You Need A Perfect Chatbot For Slack: Read Now, Or Miss Out Entirely


Having great, talented people and providing them with the right tools will shine down on your company, as well as increasing efficiency and productivity.

This is why a Slack platform combined with a Slack chatbot made especially for your team is a necessary tool today.

We need to use new innovations and apply the improvement of technology that is surrounding us. Here is a list of essential parts of a working environment because “Where you work, affects how you do your work.”

8 Reasons Why You Need A Perfect Chatbot For Slack

  • Analytics

Don’t leave the Slack platform; provide the needed date inside Slack. Having the possibility to ask the chatbot to provide your team with the required information will make them more productive.

  • Communication

Bring outside discussions into your virtual office. Give the ability to the chatbot to channel all important messages that you need to receive from outside, and forward them directly to your Slack channel.

  • Customer Support

Bring the feedback of your customers’ comments inside the Slack platform. With this, you will be up to date with the quality of your customer support that your company is providing to your customers.

  • File Management

Having an organized file cabinet its crucial for finding what you need, when you need it. Build your bot to store your files and search for them instead of you. Just simply ask for the data you need and the bot will provide you with the right options, even ones with similar-named files to choose from

  • HR

Having a Human Resource department its vital for your business, and having an insight of your team`s behavior it`s something you need to have. Providing surveys via your chatbot will increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. It will give you updates if someone on your team is struggling with something, and help you to do something about it.

  • Productivity

Give some social skills to the bot that will boost productivity through your team. Use the experience you have to give the proper tap on the shoulder to your employees when needed.

  • Project Management

Let the chatbot work for you; make it provide you with the overall process of the project. By having updates of the tasks of every team member, progress can be achieved easily with some daily questionnaires from the chatbot to your team members.

  • Sales

Boost up morality by having the numbers inside your Slack office. With this, you can provide the information that will drive your team to achieve more or do something different if the numbers are not good. Keeping track of your sales and spreading the word to your team will intrigue them and make them want to achieve more.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Don’t miss out or prolong the opportunity to build a Slack bot any longer; build one for your team today.

There are so many proven cases that working with Slack and having a chatbot is increasing teams’ efficiency and productivity.

Use our platform and start building your chatbot today; use the starter plan that we have created for you where you can start making your chatbot for free.

Register today, ChattyPeople is here to help.

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Super Easy Ways To Learn Everything About AI Chatbots For Business


By knowing everything, we mean all that is important to know that is relevant to chatbots for businesses and how they work today.

Artificial Intelligence, chatbots and the idea of machines using human-like abilities dates back decades. People have invested their entire lives working on this technology.

But here, we are going to give you a crash history lesson and information that will provide you with a good insight on this technology.

Artificial Intelligence

The work behind Artificial Intelligence began in 1956 when an academic discipline for AI was founded. There was a bad period for AI known as “AI Winter,” as the ups and downs, and loses and gains, slowed down the process of improving this technology.

AI research Goals:
  • Knowledge
  • Reasoning
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Perception
  • Ability to move and manipulate objects

The advancements in computers and the ability for them to compute large data much faster helped to achieve more of AI’s goals, as well as giving proper direction to others. With faster computers, a new technique was formed, known as Deep Learning.

Machine Learning

The importance of Machine Learning in developing AI is so significant that it has become a separate field of computer science.

The concept is coined by Arthur Samuel back in 1959, which is the ability of a program to find patterns in the stream of data and having the ability to learn without supervision.

With the ability to self-learn by examples and to find logical output, it allows them to mimic human-like conversations. With a faster computer today and cloud-based information on the internet, there is no stopping for an evolution of these AI programs.

Natural Language Processing

With Natural Language Processing, also known as NLP, chatbots are given the ability to read and understand the human way of conversation and human language.

It works in a way as a filter that is processing the incoming data before it goes to the chatbot. This process helps them to find logic in the conversation so it can provide the perfect outcome.

The language user interface is knowledge-based, written by humans, and in other words, the source who inputs the data is human.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Chatbots have various uses in business today from:

  • Customer Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Marketing Guru
  • Data Analysis
  • The list keeps growing

When we say AI, we are implying of the “behind the scene” feature, Machine Learning, the core of Artificial Intelligence. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing has helped to achieve the conversational chatbot as we know it today.

Even so, NLP today is based on human input, and that will change shortly. With cloud-based technological advancements, the creation of one mind for all chatbots will soon be created. And with this mind, human input will be reduced.

Use our platform at ChattyPeople and build your chatbot for your business. There is no need for coding, and it’s easy to use.

Try our starter plan now, as it’s free to start building a chatbot today.

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10 Funny Slack Bot Response Examples


When working in an office, we all have experienced some funny responses, which has created cherished moments. Working with your coworkers, when you can express yourself and have fun, is the best working environment there is.

Nobody ever gets hurt when we make a practical joke, or we prank someone. This is why we will give you some examples of how you can make the Slack bot respond funnily.

Before we give the examples, let me show you how you can create them inside the Slack bot memory.

Slack Gives Options to Build Prebuilt Responses Within the Platform

With this option, you can create questions and answers, and more precisely, respond on keywords. You may type in the subject and give a funny response to it. The most significant prank is that the question should not be a question, it should be just a keyword.

First thing first: to be able to do this, you need to access the “Customize Your Workplace” feature. You may access it by going to the left upper corner where the name of the workplace is. Click on the menu and choose “Customize Slack.” When you click on this tab, you will be redirected to the page where you can make the adjustments. You will see tabs like:

  • Emojis
  • Slackbot
  • Loading Messages
  • Workplace Icon
  • Status

You need to click on the Slackbot tab, and there will be lines where you can input the questions and another line where you can write down the responses.

Above the one column, there is the “When someone says” line, and above the other column, there is “Slackbot response” line.

It’s simple enough, and you may add as many responses as you like, so give it a try.

Here are our examples:

1). Question: What tool do you use for data analyses?

Response: You should use the force within you.

2). Question: Can you tell me what the WI-FI password is?

Response: Try to guess it.

3). Question: Is someone up for a coffee?

Response: You should focus on your work, that’s why you are here.

4). Question: Can someone help me out with… ?

Response: You will work the next two weekends so you can improve yourself.

5). Question: Does anyone know how to… ?

Response: Not knowing this will get you into trouble; the channel is being monitored by the boss.

6). Question: What was the meeting about?

Response: They said they would let you go, I’m really sorry.

7). Question: Did someone see (and put the name of the manager for example) today?

Response: I think he/she is avoiding you; he/she was talking about you yesterday.

8). Question: Slack… ?

Response: You say Slack, I say Bot, You say Bot, I say Slack. Slack bot is my name.

9). Question: Can you tell me… ?

Response: Sorry that’s confidential.

10). Question: Is the meeting … ?

Response: No, it’s happening now, where are you?

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Use your experiences to create fun with your team. These are just examples, but I know you can make better responses for your team, knowing the workplace and the people that work there.

You can build your bot and integrate within Slack on your own. Use our chatbot building platform and take advantage of the free starter plan we offer where you can start making it for free.

Register for free; ChattyPeople is here to help.

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5 Tricks You Must Know When Using A Slack Chatbot

Slack Bot, as any other chatbot, and among other things, is for interacting through messages, as it doesn’t  provide many options to the user. However, we came up with several tricks to give it a bigger use for your team.

Here are 5 tricks you can take advantage of with the Slack bot:

1). Reminder

Just message the slack chatbot and set a reminder about that message, and he will message you back with the reminder. You will never forget to call someone again.

How does it work?

Message the Slack chatbot, go over the message, and an option will appear in the right-hand corner. Simply click on the three dots (show message actions tab) and choose “remind me about this.” You can set up reminders, for up to a week.

How can you manage the reminders?

When the chatbot gives you a notification of the reminder that you set up, you will have several options to manage the reminder. You can:

  • Click the “mark as complete” button, if you complete the reminder task.
  • Or, you may choose to postpone the reminder by snoozing it for 15 min to an hour.
  • Also, there are few other options to choose from, if the ones listed don’t fit your needs, such as just typing in /snooze. After typing this command, put in the time or minutes you want the Slack bot to remind you of, or you can even type in a date.

Here is an example: /snooze 10/23/2017, and it will remind you of a message on this date at 9am sharp.

2). File archive

You can send a file via the Slack chatbot and use it as a personal archive.

How it works

You can easily upload files from your computer by clicking the plus (+) button next to the message bar.

After you upload the files, you can make a search and download the file you need. You can use this on any channel and the all the team can do the same.

The best way is to create a channel is with the name “File Archive” and everyone who uploads a file in this channel will build a powerful archive.

3). Notepad

To take advantage of this trick, and not put notes on your monitor, I would suggest to type in the word “note” before every note. In this way, you can do a search with the word “note” and all the notes will show up. When you don’t need it anymore, just erase the message (the note).

Say bye-bye to the sticky notes in on your monitor.

4.) Customizing Responses

You can build a list of questions and answers and make a (FAQ) database for your team and give them an opportunity to use the Slack chatbot to provide some help. It’s especially good for new team members.

It’s great for answering simple questions, such as “What is the Wi-Fi password,” to more complex explanations.

How it works

If you need to create a new channel, you can name it “FAQ” or “Help” or whatever you think is best. Then, go and click in the upper corner where your name is, and from that menu, it will ask you to choose the “Customized Slack” and a new tab will be opened. Then,  click on the Slackbot Tab. There will be two columns “When someone says” and “Slackbot responds” in the first column you need to write down the trigger word and in the second column you need to write down the answer. For example column one (what is the Wi-Fi password) and then column two you write down the answer (123456789)

There will be two columns “When someone says” and “Slackbot response” in the first column and you need to write down the trigger word in the second column. Then, you need to write down the answer. For example, column one, (what is the Wi-Fi password), and then in column two, you would write down the answer (123456789).

5). Help for Slack

You can message the Slack bot and ask it about Slack related information. It will provide you with an answer or a link where you can find the possible answer to your question.

Final Thoughts

The point of using a chatbot is to save time while we concentrate on more important things in our work.

The Slack bot is very simple, and with the tricks that I provided you with, you should easily be able to take advantage of a bot so it can be more useful to your business.

Create one yourself and use our easy to use bot building platform here at ChattyPeople!

Take advantage of the starter plan we have and build your very own chatbot! It’s free to start, and  ChattyPeople is here to help along the way.

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5 Slack Bot Response Examples For Your Business



Obtaining professional conduct ethics is important for everyone in the organization. This being said, the Slack bot is part of the team, and we need to teach it how to respond accordingly.

Here are five examples that we came up with and hope will give you an idea on how to proceed when building the personality of your Slack bot.

1). Example One

If someone has a question and asks the Slack bot, it’s reasonable, in some cases, that the Slack bot doesn’t have the answer.

Providing the proper response from the Slack bot is necessary to obtain professional conduct. Merely saying, “I don`t know” or “I don’t understand” is not professional enough.

Instead, tell your bot to say:

“I currently don’t have the data to answer that question, and when I find the answer, I will get back to you. Can I help you with something else?”

2). Example Two

Chatbots, among other tasks, can set up and schedule meetings for us. When someone on the team asks the Slack bot when the meeting is  scheduled, you can use this response:

“The meeting is scheduled for (put in time and date), would you like me to send you a reminder?”

3). Example Three

One of the tasks that a Slack bot can do is monitoring the progress of the project. It`s reasonable for the team members to ask the Slack bot for the overall process so they can know if they should speed up their part of the task. When this question is addressed to the Slack bot, here is our example of the response:

“The overall process is 55% done, (the percentage should be given automatically by the data gathered from the Slack bot) would you like me to keep you up to date?”

4). Example Four

Monitoring the progress of the project, as there is a lot of information gathered by the Slack bot, the possibility of the team addressing the question about this is most likely. If the question about the deadline is discussed, here is our response:

“The project deadline is (gives the date), and more importantly is to acquire quality results. If you need help with something, feel free to ask someone.”

5). Example Five

If someone needs to know the project’s budget and if there are still funds available, here is what we think is the right response that the Slack bot needs to give:

“There is $1,200 (the chatbot needs to give automated amount) available. If you need to purchases something, let me suggest speaking with the project manager.”

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Responses are for you to come up with and make them at the level that expresses the real spirit of your company.

Feel free to use the platform that we provide, build a chatbot and experiment with this technology, and in time, you will gain a perfect assistant for your team.

Use the starter plan that we have and start building your chatbot for free.

Register today; ChattyPeople is here to help.

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5 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Chatbot For Slack


Innovation and having an idea to make something better is the force driven by all people. With chatbots and the technology behind it, we have a massive space for showing our innovations and ideas.

Building a chatbot for your working environment is a task that needs to be well thought. With the list of chatbots that I will give you, I hope that it will trigger the innovative spirit inside of you, and take these examples as a way to build a better chatbot.

Here are five bots that are made by innovative thinking, and can help you with an idea to build one yourself:

1. Polly Bot

  • Make a poll for your team within Slack. You can use Polly the bot to achieve this. Polly gives you the ability to create a poll in a matter of seconds, and track the results coming inside Slack in real time. You can provide surveys for your teammates, which you can create by choosing a template from the library provided, or you may create your own. There are several options to choose:
  • Anonymity (optional)
  •  Scheduled and recurring polls and surveys
  •  Automated reminders
  •  Commenting with Slack dialogs

2. Tatsu Bot

If you want your team to perform standups insight Slack, Tatsu bot is the right bot for you. It will monitor all that is included in the standup channel with asking everyone questions. You can receive the results through the app or by email.

3. HP Print Bot

You can manage one or more printers inside slack. The Hp Print Bot helps you easily print shared files, it works through a cloud that makes it easy to print from anywhere You can use it from home, in the office or on the go.

4. Captain Feedback Bot

Feedback from the team is very important; you can use the Captain Feedback Bot for this. It will help you get good insight on what is going on inside the company, overall progress of the project, or if there a problem in the segment of some part of the plan, where one of your teams works on.

5. Teampay Bot

Teampay Bot is the first corporate purchasing card. It’s meant for Slack and the team that works using this platform. It will help keep track of the expenses of the team. With sharing the corporate card, you will avoid surprises at the end of the month. There are no reports to file or statements to review with the automatically reconciled option that this bot has.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Behind every company there is a leader, behind every leader, there is a team of people that are the success of one great company. Any leader obligation is providing the necessary tools for the team, without them, there will be no efficiency and no productivity.

The Slack platform is the new way of how teams communicate and work together; it’s the place where work happens. Having a virtual well-organized office is the necessary tool today. And the little helper chatbot is the essential part of that office.

The year has not ended yet ─ don’t miss out ─ start building your chatbot today. Use our chatbot platform to start making one and prepare your teams for the busy season.

We encourage you to take advantage of our starter plan and start building a chatbot for free.

Register today; ChattyPeople is here to help!

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The Entertainment World Welcomes Chatbots

Human entertainment goes a while back and has become a robust industry in the last century. Hollywood has made something incredible in this field, which kept us in front of the screens watching our favorite TV shows and movies.

The entertainment world has been a little slow with introducing chatbots, but they do welcome it. Here are several chatbots created from well-known companies to provide a different entertainment experience:

Atticus, the AT&T Chatbot

Atticus the Entertainment Chatbot from AT&T was made to interact with users and provide information about TV shows. It gives fun facts about your favorite show and plays a quiz with you about the show you like, to check how good you know that show.

Disney’s Bot

Disney is one company that launched several bots and experimented in the field, and even if they shut down some of them, they will not go away without pursuing this technology in the future.

Miss Piggy Bot

Miss Piggy bot, one of Disney’s bots, was created to boost the awareness of the Muppet show which aired on ABC. Who would not want to chat with Miss Piggy and have some fun, waking up our childhood memories?

Zootopia’s Judy Hopps Facebook Messenger Bot

Disney Zootopia bot was created to engage users in experiencing a one on one mystery game based on the movie. If you were successful in resolving the mystery, Officer Hopps gives a badge with the name of the user.

This bot was a successful bot but did not last long, as it was canceled by Disney. I guess it was part of their research to see if people wanted chatbots to interact with them through messenger apps.

Doc Brown Bot

Chat with the famous Doctor Emmet Brown, the scientist who invented the time machine and travels in time. Yes, we all know Back to the Future, one of my favorite movies, so if you are a fan, you can chat with Doc on Facebook Messenger.

It worked entirely back in 2015 when they launched it, and now you can give it a try, but maybe the responses are not as fast as they should be. The idea was to celebrate the year that was showcased in the movie when Marty and Doc traveled to 2015.

Fandango Bot

Fandango provides their customers with a chatbot experience, too. Using the Fandango bot, you can find the movie you want to watch, easy and fast, and it will provide you with the information about the closest theater. And for the fans of movies, they can watch the latest trailer inside the messenger bot.

Hello Barbie

The company Toy Talk pushed the entertainment experience by building a chatbot inside a doll. With Hello Barbie, little girls can talk and play games with the doll at different levels, as there is no need for them to make impressions on the doll when talking to them, the doll just talks back. All they need to do is to install the app, and the magic will happen.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

The entertainment industry is a dominant industry that will provide us with more surprises than we can expect.

With the use of this technology, I’m sure that our kids will have talking bears and dolls, which will be AI-powered. This will change the ways we raise our children, and I just hope it will be for the best.

Try our bot building platform, here at ChattyPeople, and see if you will come up with the right conversationalist that can entertain your people.

ChattyPeople is here to help, and that is why we offer you a free way to start building your bot.

Try it today and register for free.

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