Here Come The Marketing Bots! ChattyPeople Can Help!

Social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, are where the battle of the bots is taking place.

Some might recognize automation services that produce spam, such as unwanted emails and comments on blog posts.

With changes made by Facebook and the welcoming of chatbots, this should change a little bit. It will change because the need of one company to hire a marketer to reach more customers (via spam) will end and every company will have a chatbot integrated into Facebook Messenger and will be able to make their own marketing campaigns.

As a protection to the end user, in this case, a Facebook user, Facebook has made an option for their users to block the chatbot if they don’t want to use it anymore or unsubscribe from a chatbot by sending “stop” to stop receiving updates from the chatbot.

Facebook has given more control to the end user, for example, there are chatbots that will show up in your private conversations and offer you products and services that will match some of the keywords used in your conversation.

You can disable messages like this and keep the chatbot without completely blocking it, and have peace of mind while you are in a conversation with someone.

Social Media and Chatbots

Over the years, Internet and Social Media pages have become everyday uses for most of us. With growing databases and never-ending expansions of information on the Internet, it has become difficult to process all of this for businesses.

With chatbots, your company will be able to process this enormous scale of information quickly and recognize key words used in peoples’ searches and will be able to generate new sales leads for your chatbot to pursue.

What else can a marketing bot do for your company?

A Bot Will Generate More Leads

One frustrating thing that happens in the marketing world is that it’s hard to find high-quality leads that will become customers.

With the use of the chatbots, that will change because they will act as lead generators and select who to target with your products.

With chatbot platforms today utilizing Artificial Intelligence, these chatbots will be able to develop criteria that identifies leads that are most likely to be a good fit for a company’s products or services.

With this new ability, the chatbot will have the power to generate more quality leads, with the crucial thing being to determine which customer is in stage of wanting to buy, and which one is in the final stage where the customer is prepared to make the purchase.

This will be an easy task for the chatbot by gathering information of the user, while interacting with them.

Final Thoughts by ChattyPeople

If you embrace an Enterprise chatbot and use it as a marketing tool, it will turn into one powerful alliance.

Your bot will make your company grow and will make your life much easier.

We, here at ChattyPeople, believe that as your company grows, more sales will be generated, and life will get a lot better. 

To help make your business grow, log onto and start building your chatbot for free. No coding is required, and help is always available.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Build A Chatbot For Your Marketing Campaign

Chatbots are the current trend, but that is not the only reason to build a chatbot if you own a business.

Chatbot platforms with Artificial Intelligent and NLP ─ natural language processing capabilities ─ are a proven result for providing the best quality service to your customers.

This tool is a must for every company, and if you still haven’t decided to go with the technological flow of this program, you need to do better research on how chatbots can help your business to grow.

To help, here are 5 examples of why you should build a chatbot to help with your ongoing marketing campaigns:

1. Research and Goal Setting

With every campaign, you need to set your goals first, so you know when it is time to end the campaign.

You should build your chatbot with research capacity that will help you with the direction of your ongoing marketing campaign.

With the interaction between your potential customers and your loyal customers in mind, you need to build your chatbot to engage with them on a personal level and even ask simple questions or offer surveys that will help you learn about your customer’s insights, what they think, and what their preferences are.

2. Build a “Buy” Option

When creating your chatbot, you need to provide the option where the customer can buy your products by using the chatbot alone.

With this option, you can close the deal much faster than transferring the user to your website, and it will be more convenient for your customer, as well.

3. Target the Right Audience

With the research and the information gathered by your chatbot, you can match customers with particular products that match their style. With this option, you are able to pursue more quality leads.

4. Make it More Personal

You need to make your chatbot more personal, where during the interaction, your customers will get the feeling that they are chatting with a real human.

It is not that we want to fool people into thinking that they are, in fact, chatting with a real person instead of a chatbot, but the reason is to provide language that is more familiar to your customers so that they are more comfortable interacting with your bot.

We all had our bad experiences with the 1-800 calls when we were driven to an automatic menu where we didn’t have any choice than to listen and react accordingly. With chatbots, this is all in the past.

5. Add Discounts and Coupons

Allow your chatbot to offer your customers coupons that they can use during their next shopping experience.

Have them spread the word of sales for you, as well, as this encourages customers to come back and even brings in new customers.

Final Thoughts

The best thing about chatbots is that the sky is the limit; all you need to do is implement your experience and ideas into your bot and let it help you by doing most of the work.

For help building your new chatbot platform for free, visit us at today!

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Enterprise Customer Service Chatbots

Young people love to chat. Their lives these days are all about technology and using it for socialization, and chatting with chatbots is a part of it.

They are using Social Media and chat platforms for getting their friends’ opinions on buying fashion to sharing their New Year’s resolutions.

Social Media as Work Communication

Work habits these days vary from a while back. People are starting to implement their private ways of communicating into their work communication.

Also, we see an opportunity for change in the way individuals work. The idea of email as a way of communicating makes it amongst the most unloved types of office correspondences today.

Any individual who has ever attempted to pose an inquiry, make a recommendation, or demand an endorsement through email will comprehend the tension and resulting misfortune in efficiency caused by the over the top trust in email.

Sadly, email is, as of yet, is the most used type of communication. This is showing us that the habits that companies have of using older technology need to come to an end.

The Time is Now for a Change in the Way Business Work 

The instruments and programming being utilized today need to impersonate this behavioral pattern and supplement a much better, faster and more efficient joint effort.

The time is now to change the how companies interact with their clients, it is a time to embrace chatbot technology that gives the customer a more interactive and engaging experience.

Well-known messaging chatbots, such as Hipchat, Facebook Messenger and the Microsoft Team encourage texting in the work environment and possess a critical part on how our work environments will change.

By raising the limit to begin a discussion or voicing a worry, these stages are democratizing data in work environments.

And, chatbots inspire thoughts and qualities that are precious to millennial kids. These chatbots are taking a great deal of implementing new AI interaction to men-machine way of communicating.

Similarly, as the new advancement in large companies’ programming is freeing up individuals from the burden of printed material, the new business enterprise devices are gone for empowering a more active, coordinated effort.

Aside from the common good that accompanies an open correspondence framework, these chatbots give to the reproducing grounds to incorporations and computerization.

Think about chatbots as an intense IFTTTs for ventures where you will be able to subscribe to alarms, make work processes, push data to different frameworks, and essentially, make capable and powerful frameworks that guide in enhancing combined efficiency, all with one team.

There is a big time rush for enterprises these days, and the tools they are designing to target the interests of the young people is a smart way of interactive communication.

This incorporates assuaging everything from the administration of bulky costs to watching business knowledge and bookkeeping to keeping workers drawn in and more included.

Practically every part of the day at work is being adjusted to keep running on an informing structure that enables individuals to accomplish extra with less engagement. These instruments have two unmistakable, flattering options. Initially is their capacity to use an AI chatbot, which positions them remarkably to speak to a more youthful crowd.

The second option is machine training and learning, which has made huge steps in the past few years. Open platforms today have turned out to be practical for little to big sized programming sellers to use this tech without breaking a sweat. Platform discussion with individuals will get smarter and smarter and more attractive based on the previous communication via men vs. machine.

With some smart improvements, it is generally simpler to communicate on a level of AI in an effort by concentrating on a particular problem as opposed to attempting to make a utilitarian AI for shoppers where they can do everything for themselves.

In the business Enterprise world, where the expenses of getting a client are so high, having the capacity to use a platform system will help increase the number of business clients and is an open door worth following.

Final Thoughts

It will come to the point for the ones that are an enterprise, and if they don’t have chatbot platform strategy, they will miss out on a lot in 2017 and will pass up a significant opportunity.

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Enterprise Chatbot Solutions And AI For Your Business

Developers are constantly trying to make chatbots more interactive and more likable for people, as they come up with more voice-activated chatbot devices.

With this solution, companies will accomplish a larger client base and will provide better customer support.

Devices based on AI interaction through programming are integrated into new chatbot platforms every day.

The Internet, Social Media and Chatbots as a Solution

When the internet and social media were embraced and accepted with open arms from the public, businesses started to change.

With the possibilities to reach customers all over the world, businesses began to struggle because the traditional way of working did not help, and finding a solution was inevitable.

More clients mean more work, but with not enough man power, developers turned back time to modify old technology, and a solution has been found.

Welcome to the “Era of Chatbots”

By accepting chatbot platforms, they have become a fundamental part of most companies, and with the use of chatbots and bot building platforms, like ChattyPeople, the workplace is starting to change.

Businesses that use chatbots gain more quality time that they can use in more critical tasks for their business.

There are two basic and essential features that chatbots are providing:

1. Customer support

No company wouldn’t want to provide 24 hours, 7 days a week support for their customers. Right?

Now you have that solution with chatbot platforms.

Chatbots provide fast responses, and even you can provide the answers to the frequently asked questions added into their knowledge base, for better service to your customers.

2. Virtual Assistant

Basically, with the VA service chatbots are providing, you will be able to transfer a lot of day to day tasks to the chatbot for it to do for you.

They can perform various functions just like a regular Virtual Assistant can that you have hired.

Additionally, chatbots are capable of scheduling meetings for you, updating your calendar and setting up reminders and alarms for your upcoming schedule.

You can even provide a chatbot to work for and help out your teams, while they focus on the central core of the project.

The Right Chatbot Solution for Your Business

The right chatbot solution would be the one that has Artificial Intelligence and NLP features.

What Artificial Intelligence means in chatbot platforms and the reason they call them AI chatbots is that they have the capability to learn via interactions with customers and provide more logical answers.

Plus, when interacting with them, your customers will feel like they are interacting with a real human.

With these chatbot platforms, you will be able to connect to Social Media and add payment methods, as well.

What Your Company Can Gain From a Chatbot  Platform 

Companies can gain from a chatbot platform in many ways, but a couple of them I am compelled to mention are:

  • Growing your customer base.
  • Quicker customer support and feedback.
  • More interactions with your customers.
  • Gathering information about your customers’ style so you can offer them the right products.
  • Increasing work productivity.
  • Will reduce your company’s expenses.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

Instead of hiring a personal assistant or customer support agents, a chatbot will be here for you to provide the quickest possible service.

People like to chat, to interact with someone, and this is the best way that you can provide that experience to your customers.

ChattyPeople is here to help with your bot building experience! Our professional bot building team is standing by right now!

Don’t miss out and log onto today to get started. 

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Do You Think Chatbots Will Replace People In Customer Support?

Will Chatbots replace people in customer support?

I believe so.

We already have experience with people being replaced with new technology. For example, human agents have been replaced with automated voice features. When you try to call some companies’ customer support, at first, you get a pre-recorded, automated answering machine which will give you options to chose from, and, more than likely, will get a reply for only some of the most frequently asked questions.

Have a more advanced question? Good luck with finding the correct number which corresponds to a live agent.

The difference between chatbots and an automated menu is that chatbots can learn, upgrade and memorize various scenarios via day to day interactions with customers.

Why wait for some automated menu to read all the features when you can get a quick response from a chatbot?

Instead of listening to annoying, “on-hold” music with bad sound quality while waiting to be connected to a customer support agent, you can interact with a chatbot provided by the same company, and get your answers in an instant.

Why even call customer support anymore? It’s a waste of time when all you have to do is go to the business’s website or FB Messenger and ask the bot.

Chatbots are connected 24/7, so the need of being able to get, or offer, excellent customer support, at any time of the day, or night, will no longer be a hassle.

Why Are We Accepting Chatbots?

We accept chatbots because we want high standards. And, it is one of the main reasons for chatbot implementation in the e-Commerce world.

Unfortunately, humans become tired and make mistakes. Sometimes, there is a language barrier, as well. WIth chatbots, all of this is taken care of, and excellent customer service is available 24/7.

I remember, as a child, walking down the sidewalk downtown, and going from one store to the next with my parents in search of basic products that we needed.

All of that has changed with “Superstores,” such as Walmart, where we can find everything that we need while saving a lot of time as opposed to going here and there and waiting in various checkout lines. Plus, there is no longer the problem with dealing with parking the car on the street, as shopping centers offer free parking lots.

With the Internet, again, all of that has changed, as now we don’t even have to leave the comfort of our homes to shop. Thanks to technology, orders process within hours, and shipping is fast.

We are too busy, these days, and with a shortage of time in our busy lives, technology has finally we come up with a solution for saving time and doing our basic errands online.

It’s in some way amusing how we are continually simplifying our way of doing things. For example, going from an old way of shopping, paying bills, etc. to online shopping and paying bills.

And, now, web shopping is changing even more with the use of Facebook and their Messenger App where we can chat with our friends, and in the meantime, do some shopping or pay a bill, all without leaving the App.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople 

A human vs. human interaction is still needed for resolving more complex issues that customers have, but with Artificial Intelligence-powered chatbots, things will change in the near future.

In fact, chatbot capacity to learn and advance their human behavior is a hugeleap in the IA world.

Eventually, we will all start to adjust our ways of doing things so we can accomplish full work automatization via chatbots.

If you are interested in building your own chatbot to interact with your customers via your website and even Facebook Messenger, ChattyPeople can help.

We offer a free, start up bot building platform with no coding required. Go to, today, to find out more!

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4 Ways To Use Chatbots For Marketing

There are many ways that chatbots can help businesses, one of them being marketing.

The word marketing means to go into a market, literally, and to buy or sell products.

With a personal chatbot platform, you can bring the market into one of the most popular chat platforms today ─ Facebook Messenger.

Here’s why you should build your personal chatbot platform today:

1. Establish a Customer Base

The good thing about chatbots is that you will be able to use one of the biggest customer bases in the online world, and that is the Facebook Messenger.

Facebook has a user base of more than 1.2 billion users.

A smart thing would be to open your store within this massive user interface. Facebook already has opened its doors with their Messenger App, and you are the one that needs to take advantage of this and move your brand into the direction of a new technological e-commerce store.

2. Get Consumers to Subscribe

The interaction that your chatbot will have with your customer may be to ask simple questions and help with completing their purchase.

Then, you can offer for them to subscribe to your mailing lists for upcoming promotions and updates for new products.

3. Gain Valuable Customer Insights and Collect Data

Artificial Intelligence that is within chatbots makes them capable of memorizing the behavior of your customers and offer them products that will match their style based on their searches or previous shopping experiences.

With small questions and surveys, you may get ahead and improve your business, overall. By a simple interaction with your chatbot, you can collect data, for example: if your chatbot offers a customer a price search, you can use that and upgrade your product line to be within the most price ranges customers are shopping in, based on their searches.

And, with the survey, you will be able to get more information about what is trendy and what people like to shop for, can generate more qualified leads, and then pursue them.

4. Make Use of the Four “P”s

With the data gathered from your chatbot, you can implement the popular “P Model” and accumulate even more sales.

The Four P Model:

1. Products

With this information, you can provide the customers with what they need based on the data you receive via your chatbot.

For example, what are their concerns with the purchase of a product in regards to returning, exchanging, warranties and overall support?

With this data, you will constantly have the most up-to-date information, on-hand, and can improve your business.

2. Pricing

You can set up the right price for your products based on your customer’s searches or previous purchases. And, with this data, you will be able to stay in front of your competitor.

Keep in mind, when setting up prices, you need to be able to discount the price based on your marketing campaigns and still end up with a profit.

3. Placement

Placement refers to the geographical region your customers live in. Knowing their location via the use of a chatbot will allow you to offer them products that are trendier in their area.

With the information that your chatbot can gather, you will be able to accommodate more kinds of customers (young, business people or families), and with a particular selection of your products, you can target them individually.

4. Promotion

Your chatbot can provide advertisements and deals and target specific customers you have. It can promote the right products to the right customers so you will be able to make more probable sales.

Final Thoughts

Build your own, personal, business chatbot today! Take advantage of what this technological solution has to offer!

Here at ChattyPeople, we can help every step of the way. See how at now.

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How Enterprise Chatbots Are Revolutionizing Business

Companies with the use of Social Media increase their clientele, and by this, they are increasing their work flow with the need to hire more people.

With human vs. human interactions over regular chat platforms, it takes too much time and effort. Can you imagine responding to thousands of questions from thousands of customers? It is just impossible to be that quick and efficient.

Chatbots are revolutionizing how businesses perform their interactions with their customers, via Social Media.

Here are 3 key features of how Enterprise chatbots are, in fact, changing how businesses interact with their customers:

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant, by definition, is a person who provides creative or technical professional assistance along with doing administrative tasks.

With an Enterprise chatbot, you will get no less than an excellent Virtual Assistant, as they are capable of: Updating your client list, maintaining your calendar, setting up meetings, and sending out e-mails, newsletters and so on.

2. Customer Support

With a chatbot at your side, your company will provide the most professional services to your customers.

It will respond in the quickest way possible to customer inquiries by interacting with them and answering questions that they have.

With the possibility to upgrade and learn more, their knowledge-base will become more and more capable of working without evolving human assistance.

Soon chatbots will be able to multi-task and effectively prioritize, when needed, and solve practical problems.

3. Growing Your Customer Base

With targeting customers and pushing promotions through Social Media, chatbots are capable of interacting with potential clients and gathering information from them via simple questions about their needs and styles.

With this feature, chatbots can attract more customers and offer them products that match the criteria of the style they feel comfortable with.

By constantly gathering information from your customers, you will be able to know what people think of current trends and their likes and dislikes so you can make adjustments to your inventory.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

By taking advantages of these chatbot features, you will increase work productivity and your employees will have extra time to work on more important company tasks, for example, working on increasing company revenue.

Not every company has the means to hire a VA for every task, for help with being more productive on projects, or to hire customer support agents to answer all customers’ inquiries accurately.

First of all, there is not enough space in many offices, and the expenses will constantly be increasing.

Here at ChattyPeople, an online bot building platform, we can help you to build your personal chatbot with no need of coding knowledge, and we offer a free basic plan to start.

Create an Enterprise chatbot today and put it to work ASAP.

We will help you to grow your business, and it’s time to start building your chatbot now. Go to to get started.

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The Future Of Branding And Voice-Activated Chatbots

How far can we go with new ideas?

As ideas are changing the world and our way of living, some are not accepted, others are continuously modified and updated, and some seek simplifying solutions shaped by the needs of the people.

We are searching for tools that can be used on a daily basis which will provide us with aid for the most important tasks while we finish our daily responsibilities.

In this rushed world that we are living in, achieving the most beneficial way to complete tasks is one of the most important things that we are in need of.

How Will Brands and Voice-Activated Chatbots Help Us to Achieve Our Goals? 

Before I begin, let’s define what branding is.

We are surrounded by brands, and we all have our favorites.

Companies are recognized by their distinct logos that they have created for themselves. It could be a sign, a word, certain colors or a mixture of all of these.

With their unique logo and the power of advertisement (marketing), they are building a customer base, and they are continuously trying to expand.

The traditional way that companies used to reach out to customers was via market research in stores, on the streets, via the telephone, or through traditional advertisements (newspaper ads, street billboards, TV commercials, etc.).

However, most of these tactics were time-consuming.

In the “Era of the Internet” and its tools, everything has changed. The globalization of the market, the opportunity to reach customers more quickly, and anywhere, has turned out to be very valuable.

But the most important bits of information we can get is from the consumer about their likes and dislikes, their styles, ways of living, clothing preferences, reading preferences, etc. This all helps brands save time and money.

Changes are All Around Us

We all see the changes around us ─ online through Social Media, e-Commerce and through interactive chatbots. And, these platforms are continuously expanding, giving us new and exciting experiences every single day.

In the past years, developers have pushed forward with chatbot technology and added the most impressive feature yet ─ VOICE!

Speaking is in our nature, as we want to talk among ourselves. So, why not talk with chatbots, as well, who are integrated into online platforms on all our devices?

The way that they come up with machine voice-interaction is extraordinary as we all have used Hello Google, Cortana, Siri and Alexa.

These names have already made history; everyone will remember the first series of voice-activated chatbots. . . And, more are to come.

The Future of Voice-Activated Chatbots

I can say that shortly we will see voice-activated chatbots all around us ─ in the library, stores, train stations, zoos, airports. . . You name it.

Imagine a scenario where you are going to your favorite store to buy new shoes, and a robot approaches you. It will tell you about new products, all according to your previous shopping experiences and the styles you prefer.

I can see myself in an automated Uber cab, where the car talks to me and gives me recommendations along my route, or gives suggestions of what I can experience at my destination.

I know, for sure, that brands will continually upgrade the features of this technology, for example, when I book a flight using Google as a search engine, Google reminds me of my flight on my calendar.

And, in the future, I won’t be surprised if my Hello Google device sets the alarm for me the morning of the trip and confirms with me by saying something as “I`m going to wake you up tomorrow morning earlier so you can get to the airport on time. I`m expecting more traffic than usual at the time you need to travel. And, I have already reserved a Uber ride for you at 7 AM. Do you confirm?”

How great would that be?

Final Thoughts

Brands will provide us with their chatbot services, and they will shape the way of our future, day by day.

For help with building your free chatbot platform, visit us at and make a new account. Absolutely no coding is required, and we are here to help every step of the way.

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Enterprise Chatbot Solution Manual

2017 will be remembered as the “Year of the Chatbots,” and their enterprise use.

The most recognized companies are already taking advantage of this technology, for example, Facebook, who in the past couple of months, has added over 33,000 chatbots, integrating them into their Messenger platform.

We need to follow their lead and do research so we can jump right into this growing enterprise solution.

Why Chatbots?

Chatbots have proved themselves so far to be very useful and will become the primary solution in the enterprise world.

Let me point out some of the main features that companies use chatbots for:

  • Customer Support
  • Conversational Interface
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Updates
  • Entertainment

Taking Advantage of a Chatbot


You need to put yourself in the shoes of the customers, and only then, will you provide a 5 star-experience for them.

The first thing you need to do is to get to know your customers.

If you own a business or plan to take advantage of chatbot technology starting your business, you will need to gather information about your customers.

Use your experience and research, and data and feedback from your chatbot, to discover the needs of your customers.


A quicker and easier way to take advantage of this technology is to start working with a pre-built chatbot.

One of the best and leading enterprise chatbot building platforms that does this kind of work is us, here at ChattyPeople.

All you need to do to start is to open an account using your email address.

The best part about ChattyPeople is that you can use our free starter plan.


Make the decision of which main menu functions you want your chatbot to perform, how it will react to certain questions, and what will be its first approach ─ The Welcome Message.

For example:

I wanted to experience an interaction first-hand, so through my Messenger App, I contacted Sephora, a chatbot assistant.

Sephora welcomed me and introduced itself. In the next message, I had options to choose from, such as:

I wanted to see how quickly Sephora schedules makeover appointments. First, the chatbot asked me what city I live in. I typed in my zip code, and it took about a second before it provided a list of stores to choose from. When I selected one, instantaneously, it offered available times to make the booking.

I was impressed.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

Get a move-on and start building your personal chatbot today to improve your business and make your customers happy and loyal.

Better yet, give your customers a satisfying and personal 5-star experience!

Our professional bot building team @ ChattyPeople is here to help you build your bot. Plus we will integrate it into your business’s webstore and even Facebook Messenger for you!

You don’t need to know coding or programming, and it’s an easy, step by step process which we will walk you through. Plus, support is only a message away!

Log onto today to get started creating your business’s perfect, 5-star enterprise chatbot!

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Using Chatbots For Marketing To Increase Engagement

Today, chatbots are based on a pre-written script within their memory, and because of that, they are not able to increase engagement on their own.

Chatbots are in the beta stage, but the AI interface that they work from, and the ability to learn and upgrade their knowledge base, will soon be the number one used tool for doing business.

Engaging your customers more via your online business will provide you a loyal customer base that will give you more profit and generate more revenue.

What is Customer Engagement?  

Customer engagement is the communication between businesses and their customers.

There Are Two Types of Customer Engagement:

Continue reading “Using Chatbots For Marketing To Increase Engagement”