Bot Building Training Guide ─ Learn How To Make A Slack Bot

With new technology developing daily, there are new ways of doing things. The Slack platform is the new way of doing business, used by so many well-known organizations that are at the top of their fields.

This platform allows your office to be even more organized with the use of smart programs, such as chatbots. An office that maximizes bots helps their teams to better efficiency and performance.

Moreover, today, you can learn everything online and be certain that you can learn how to make a Slack bot, as well.

But first thing first, if you are not familiar with what a Slack bot is, here is some basic info:

What is Slack?

Slack is the new way to give your team some “slack.”

Yes, that’s right!

By using the Slack platform, you will make the job of your employees much easier. Slack is a virtual office where work happens. The benefit of this platform is that it utilizes an open-end communication space with various channels of communication which helps you to filter the information and be certain that it will reach the right people.

Using this type of working platform, you will ensure that anyone is up to date. Moreover, Slack will help you to monitor the progress of any given project without the need of living in your computer.

Furthermore, Slack will boost the efficiency and performance of your company, and by using Slack bots, you can make it even better.

For instance, you can custom make a bot that will suit the needs of your teams and who will increase their performance level even more.

Well, who doesn’t want that?

But wait. . . how do you make a Slack Bot?

How to Make a Slack Bot

I know what you’re thinking. . . it`s hard to develop a Bot.

However, this is where you are wrong.

Here at ChattyPeople, with our expertise in chatbot building experiences, and with custom-tailored bots, we offer an incredible Chatbot Building Course that will help you learn how to build and deploy bots easily.

This course is created for everyone and easy to understand, so no previous developing skills are required.

To start, all you need to do is to sign up on our training page and boost your skills with our Bot Building Training Guide.

What Will You Learn?

Using our course, you will learn a set of skills that will help you in so many ways and will keep you technologically advanced in the upcoming years.

This is because chatbots are here and are planning to stay, and every business will have a one for their organization. These chatbots will be the ambassadors of all Brands. Furthermore, chatbots like the Slack bot, will help their employees by taking time-consuming tasks from their hands.

With Slack bots, your team will be able to focus on more important things.

Here are several things you will learn how to accomplish with ChattyPeople’s Bot Building Course:

 Understand and learn about conversational interfaces and agents.

Understand the role of Natural Language Processing and AI.

Build a chatbot with zero coding required.

 Build and use your own interface with Facebook Messenger.

 Understand intents and entities.

Understand and use Regular Expressions (RegEx) for building basic chatbots.

 Deploying a bot on the Facebook Messenger Platform.

Deploying a bot on Slack.

Respond to users with Artificial Intelligence.

Transfer ownership of a bot to a client without their password.

 Personalize your messages with predefined user data.

Onboard new users quickly.

Add GIFs and emojis to your bot.

 Integrate native audio & video to your bot.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Learning about new technology and how it affects your world is imperative these days. . . especially in the business world.

Build yourself a new set of skills that will give you more opportunities, and be a part of the next big thing ─ chatbots.

Start with our Bot Building Course and register today! ChattyPeople is always here to help!

Posted by Slobodan S.