8 Reasons Why You Need A Perfect Chatbot For Slack: Read Now, Or Miss Out Entirely


Having great, talented people and providing them with the right tools will shine down on your company, as well as increasing efficiency and productivity.

This is why a Slack platform combined with a Slack chatbot made especially for your team is a necessary tool today.

We need to use new innovations and apply the improvement of technology that is surrounding us. Here is a list of essential parts of a working environment because “Where you work, affects how you do your work.”

8 Reasons Why You Need A Perfect Chatbot For Slack

  • Analytics

Don’t leave the Slack platform; provide the needed date inside Slack. Having the possibility to ask the chatbot to provide your team with the required information will make them more productive.

  • Communication

Bring outside discussions into your virtual office. Give the ability to the chatbot to channel all important messages that you need to receive from outside, and forward them directly to your Slack channel.

  • Customer Support

Bring the feedback of your customers’ comments inside the Slack platform. With this, you will be up to date with the quality of your customer support that your company is providing to your customers.

  • File Management

Having an organized file cabinet its crucial for finding what you need, when you need it. Build your bot to store your files and search for them instead of you. Just simply ask for the data you need and the bot will provide you with the right options, even ones with similar-named files to choose from

  • HR

Having a Human Resource department its vital for your business, and having an insight of your team`s behavior it`s something you need to have. Providing surveys via your chatbot will increase the productivity and efficiency of your team. It will give you updates if someone on your team is struggling with something, and help you to do something about it.

  • Productivity

Give some social skills to the bot that will boost productivity through your team. Use the experience you have to give the proper tap on the shoulder to your employees when needed.

  • Project Management

Let the chatbot work for you; make it provide you with the overall process of the project. By having updates of the tasks of every team member, progress can be achieved easily with some daily questionnaires from the chatbot to your team members.

  • Sales

Boost up morality by having the numbers inside your Slack office. With this, you can provide the information that will drive your team to achieve more or do something different if the numbers are not good. Keeping track of your sales and spreading the word to your team will intrigue them and make them want to achieve more.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Don’t miss out or prolong the opportunity to build a Slack bot any longer; build one for your team today.

There are so many proven cases that working with Slack and having a chatbot is increasing teams’ efficiency and productivity.

Use our platform and start building your chatbot today; use the starter plan that we have created for you where you can start making your chatbot for free.

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Posted by Slobodan S.