7 Ways Your AI Is Going To Change Your Day To Day Life

With the progress made in Artificial Intelligence and its integration into gadgets, it’s bound to change our everyday lives.

Here are seven ways how Artificial Intelligence will affect our lives:

1. Calendar Updates

With the use of Artificial Intelligence that our favorite smartphones provide to us, we are already able to transfer some of our daily tasks to these assistants.

They are more than capable of setting up our meetings and updating and keeping track of our calendars for upcoming events that we may have.

With simple voice interaction, AI can text someone or connect our call with the people from our contact list. They can even provide a search for us, for example, “Locate the closest pizza restaurant.”

2. Control Your Environment

We will be able to use voice activated services that our gadgets have to control other smart devices that we have at home.

With this simple voice interaction, we can use, for example, Amazon’s Alexa, to be our personal assistant.

With the ability to learn and grow its knowledge, Artificial Intelligent devices will be able to give us various controls over our home, from setting the thermostat to controlling any other smart device that we own that has Bluetooth capability.

3. Re-order Necessities

We know how we can be occupied with our day to day tasks and keep forgetting to buy or order items on time. These can be products that we use every day.

With the utilization of Artificial Intelligent devices, we will never forget to re-order our favorite coffee, as they will be able to keep track by learning from previous orders we have made and give us a reminder that we might run out of coffee.

Then, they can re-order it for us. Or,  we can simply tell them to reorder our coffee every 15 days.

4. Be Our Companions

We will never be alone; AI will become our companions who will occupy the empty space when we are alone.

5. Provide Entertainment

AI can entertain us with their capabilities.

They can tell a joke, or be our DJ when we have guests. They can tell us a story or read to us one of our favorite books.

AI will become more interactive and will eventually reach self-awareness where we will be able to play even better games with them.

6. Regulate Our Health

With the expansion of our technological world and the inventions of smart gadgets, Artificially Intelligent devices will be able to monitor our health and provide us with suggestions on how to change our diet.d

Additionally, AI will be able to help us in an emergency situation when no one else is around with the option to call 911 on our behalf.

7. Save Us Time

Today, time is one of the most valued things in our lives.

All of the examples mentioned above will provide us with exactly that ─ the time to focus more on other more important tasks in our day to day way of living.

And, for sure, AI will enable us to live a much more quality-filled life and provide more comfort for ourselves.

Final Thoughts

With the use of the technology that is surrounding us, we will become more advanced and take our minds off of repeated and frustrating day-to-day tasks so that we can concentrate on more important aspects of LIFE itself.