7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About A Slack Chatbot

Technology is nothing as it was two decades ago. With using and improving technology around us, we have changed the way we think and changed the way we work.

Chatbots, as small programs, found the way to ease our day to day tasks and provide us with more time to concentrate on more important things.

The Slack platform, the ultimate virtual office, as space given to chatbots, will increase our work efficiency. The innovative spirit in us gives us the opportunity to be creative, as there will be a chatbot for everything.

Here are 7 interesting chatbots that people have created which you can use in Slack:

1). The Flower Bot

If you forgot to send someone flowers, and you are stuck working, you don’t need to stop working in Slack. You can order flowers, and fast, using the Flower Bot inside the Slack platform.

2). Erwin Bot

If you have problems concentrating, Erwin is the name of the bot to use. He will send knotty riddles and clues to solve them. In this way, you can forget about the problem you are facing, and try to jiggle your brain for a while.

3). Abot – Anonymous Feedback Bot

This one is a useful chatbot if you are not afraid of some criticism. You can use Abot to give your employees the necessary freedom to express their opinions on some important matters about the work. By using the anonymous feedback, you will provide transparency inside the team, and focus on peoples’ problems.

4). Donut Bot

No, this one is not for ordering donuts. But what it does is that it helps build relationships inside the company by matching you with a coworker for a cup of coffee, and a different one each week. Having different coffee buddies will help your employees learn about each other, and in this way, you will build a stronger team.

5). Game Monk Bot

Yes, there is a game bot. Make work a little more fun. Game Monk will give you a 90-second break from your work, and their games are designed to be fast and short, just enough to stir your creativity. The games are fun and designed to energize and inspire.

6). Conclude Bot

If you can’t make up your mind on something, there is a bot for that, as well. With Conclude Bot, you can resolve issues and make decisions quickly.

7). Meeting Bot

Don’t have the time to synchronize everyone’s calendar? The Meeting Bot is here to help. This Chatbot will match your co-worker’s availability; it will book the meeting inside Slack, and even notify someone if they are late for the meeting.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

With chatbot technology expanding, there are opportunities for everyone who is creative enough to build a special chatbot.

Start building yours today!

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Posted by Slobodan S.