5 Slack Bot Response Examples For Your Business



Obtaining professional conduct ethics is important for everyone in the organization. This being said, the Slack bot is part of the team, and we need to teach it how to respond accordingly.

Here are five examples that we came up with and hope will give you an idea on how to proceed when building the personality of your Slack bot.

1). Example One

If someone has a question and asks the Slack bot, it’s reasonable, in some cases, that the Slack bot doesn’t have the answer.

Providing the proper response from the Slack bot is necessary to obtain professional conduct. Merely saying, “I don`t know” or “I don’t understand” is not professional enough.

Instead, tell your bot to say:

“I currently don’t have the data to answer that question, and when I find the answer, I will get back to you. Can I help you with something else?”

2). Example Two

Chatbots, among other tasks, can set up and schedule meetings for us. When someone on the team asks the Slack bot when the meeting is  scheduled, you can use this response:

“The meeting is scheduled for (put in time and date), would you like me to send you a reminder?”

3). Example Three

One of the tasks that a Slack bot can do is monitoring the progress of the project. It`s reasonable for the team members to ask the Slack bot for the overall process so they can know if they should speed up their part of the task. When this question is addressed to the Slack bot, here is our example of the response:

“The overall process is 55% done, (the percentage should be given automatically by the data gathered from the Slack bot) would you like me to keep you up to date?”

4). Example Four

Monitoring the progress of the project, as there is a lot of information gathered by the Slack bot, the possibility of the team addressing the question about this is most likely. If the question about the deadline is discussed, here is our response:

“The project deadline is (gives the date), and more importantly is to acquire quality results. If you need help with something, feel free to ask someone.”

5). Example Five

If someone needs to know the project’s budget and if there are still funds available, here is what we think is the right response that the Slack bot needs to give:

“There is $1,200 (the chatbot needs to give automated amount) available. If you need to purchases something, let me suggest speaking with the project manager.”

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Responses are for you to come up with and make them at the level that expresses the real spirit of your company.

Feel free to use the platform that we provide, build a chatbot and experiment with this technology, and in time, you will gain a perfect assistant for your team.

Use the starter plan that we have and start building your chatbot for free.

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Posted by Slobodan S.