5 Reliable Sources To Learn About Enterprise Chatbots Today


Okay, so I`m presuming you did your research about chatbots but still haven’t decided if you should start the building process yet?

To help, here are 5 sources that may help you to learn a few more things about chatbots. I hope you will find them useful:

1. ChatbotsMagazine.com

Chatbots Magazine has a variety of chatbot articles that will give you valuable insights on the bot world. Their magazine, I think, has the biggest number of articles written about chatbots.

2. MurrayNewlands.com

Murray Newlands is an Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Adviser and Speaker.

He is a well-respected contributor, and you can find his articles in various online magazines, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and others. Murray writes about chatbot technology and the advantages chatbots are bringing to the business world.

You can visit his blog, MurrayNewlands.com and find out more about chatbots today, and stay tuned in with us at ChattyPeople, as well, as he is the creator.

3. Notey.com

“READ STORIES THAT MATTER TO YOU.” ─ That’s their motto.

You are able to find articles from a lot of sites over the internet in one place, and there are many about chatbots and the technology within them.

4. Blog.Chatbot.com

This is another interesting blog created just for the chatbot revolution ─ with a decent numbers of bloggers, you can find good information on chatbot technology.

5. ChatbotsJournal.com

Talking and writing about chatbots is this site’s thing. Writers gather here to collaborate. Learning and sharing all about chatbots is their purpose.

Final Thoughts

To help, here are two bonus sources about chatbots. If you want to get more technical and learn about chatbots, it`s best to visit what I would call “The source of the Chatbots.”


  • Microsoft (https://blog.botframework.com/)
  • Facebook (https://developers.facebook.com/)

Go to their developers’ pages to find out more.

Microsoft and Facebook are all in, into the game of improving chatbots and Artificial Intelligence. Following them as big players is a smart thing to do.

Additionally, be sure to do all of your homework and start building your chatbot today! Register for free and take advantage of the free plan that ChattyPeople has made for you.

Register for free and take advantage of the free plan that we offer here at ChattyPeople.

Posted by Slobodan S.