5 Chatbot Statistics To Persuade Your Boss To Act Fast


Chatbots are here, no matter if your company’s decision is to join the technology advancements, or not.  But, the time to make a decision is now.

2017 was an outstanding year for chatbot technology, as new opportunities manifested, and customers are embracing this type of communication.

With research on chatbots and surveys of chatbot use, we have gathered a list of 5 reasons and statistics that are pretty persuasive and will help you get your boss to act fast:

1) Customers want quick responses to their inquiries, and they would rather deal with live chat than any other way of contact. In fact, 48% of people feel like this.

2) 35% of consumers what to be able to use a chatbot than deal with a human, and want to see more of them.

3) 40% of consumers want to get the help they need and don’t care if it is a real human or a chatbot. But 24/7 availability will allow them to get in touch at the time they need assistance, not at the time provided by companies.

4) 55% of people want to use Messenger Apps to interact with businesses.

5) 57% of consumers what to interact with chatbots, because of the instant response that they get from them.

Furthermore, chatbots will get much better in time, but what is important now, is that they are doing a great job in so many fields.

Here are several ways chatbots can aid a business:

  • They are proven to be restless, efficient and professional, and offer 24/7 customer support.
  • They provide fast and efficient answers to your customers’ inquiries.
  • It saves businesses money.
  • It helps teams to focus on more relevant parts of the work, by doing day to day tasks that are time-consuming.
  • They can provide marketing and related news to their subscribed users.

What is the Future of Chatbots?

Artificial Intelligent machines powered with Natural Language Processing is a chatbot’s description and is futuristic enough to consider that this is the future technology that we are using today.

Chatbots will be everywhere, in every industry, in every segment of our lives. And, young people will push this technology and its use for their convenience.

Millennials want everything to be done right, to save time and have fewer headaches; the times where slow communication and ignored feedback is becoming the past.

An Evolving Process

We all need to be part of chatbots’ evolving process, and companies that make a choice to use chatbots will be remembered.

And, one thing is for sure, every company eventually will provide a chatbot for their customers. So, why not start building your chatbot today?

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

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No worries, however, as ChattyPeople is here to help!

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Posted by Slobodan S.