5 Chatbot Experts You Need To Know

The Internet is full of chatbot discussions, what they can do for us, and how will they help and change our lives.

Since last year’s chatbot fever, solution makers have risen up and committed their lives to pursuing this exciting, new technology and to helping companies spread their services through chatbot platforms.

Here are 5 chatbot experts you should be following:

1. Murray Newlands

Entrepreneur, Investor, Business Adviser and Speaker

Newlands started his career as a lawyer, but at the age of 23, pursued a different path ─ a much more creative path ─ by becoming an entrepreneur and opening his own agency for creative marketing and public relations.

Murray Newlands is the author of Online Marketing: A User’s Manual, and he has also published How to Get PR for Your Startup: Traction and Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals.

He is a founder of Sighted.com, an online invoicing company, and ChattyPeople.com, one of the best chatbot platform solutions for creating AI chatbots that can be integrated into Facebook Messenger.

Newlands wants to help entrepreneurs and marketers in large and medium size companies by offering chatbot solutions with his free start-up plan.

Murray Newlands was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top influential marketers in the world today.

2. Sujan Patel

Entrepreneur, Marketer and Founder of WedProfit or Mailshake

Sujan Patel is an entrepreneur and marketer with thirteen years of experience.

He has helped Turbotax, Mint and Salesforce to grow their companies.

Additionally, Patel is co-founder of ContentMarketer.io & Narrow.io.

He has many publications on chatbot technology at Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com.

3. Michael Perry

Co-founder and CEO of Kit CRM

Perry’s company was acquired by Shopify, and now he is a Product Director at Shopify.

4. Simon Robic

Product Manager at iAdvize

Robic is the founder of Bringr, and works as a Product Manager at iAdvize,

Simon Robic believes that AI chatbots are guided by humans and will have bigger effects on the quality of customer service that companies want to provide to their customers.

5. Alex Lebrun

Bot Trainer at Facebook

Alex Lebrun is the co-founder of Wit.ai, the voice recognition startup.

Wit.ai was sold to Facebook, and now he is part of Facebook’s team and works as a Bot Trainer.