11 Custom Chatbot Development Tips For Better Customer Service



Customer Service plays big role in every company. It`s the first contact when consumers want to contact you. Unfortunately only handful companies have perfect customer service that can help you.

Thankfully, today we have chatbots that can help you in that field and handle multiple customers at a time, in several languages and interact with clients from Hello to purchase.

If you think to jump on chatbot hype, today we will talk about  11 custom chatbot tips for better customer service:

1. Remember Customer Service Basics

All segments of your business are connected to one customer service provider. Yes “ one provider,” no matter what field they are in.

Your company is there to serve the customer, and it’s up to you to provide a 5-star experience.

I would suggest your choice as a customer service provider to be one who cares about their customers because, in the end, customers are the ones that help companies to achieve greatness and they are the ones that will either come back or go somewhere else where they feel more appreciated.

2. Have 24/7 Customer Support

This one is one of the biggest and main features of the chatbot and with the creation of your bot, you already have provided 24/7 support.

Your bot will be one of your best Customer Support Agents that you have.

3. Be Proactive

Ensure that your chatbot is proactive in that it lets the customers know that it is there if they need it.

Don’t overdo it, however, by always asking your customers to chat, because if the customer is aware that you have a chatbot, he will use it when needed.

4. Enable Interactions

Interaction is combined with the chatbot being proactive. Be sure to find some way of attracting the user to start an interaction with offers or last minute deals.

Use your imagination with this regard.

5. Good First Impressions are Essential

The first impression is one of the most valuable experiences your customers will face on your website.

You need to think of a great welcoming line that will give a positive feeling and portray a friendly atmosphere

6. Make Your Site Easy-to-Use

Make it efficient and easy for what your chatbot will do. Don’t overdo it with a lot of questions ─ think of your customers’ time and appreciate it.

7. Obtain Feedback

Welcome customers’ feedback as they will be your free advisers who will give you the opportunity to improve your chatbot and the business itself.

8. Mentor Your Bot 

Pair your chatbot with one of your top Customer Care Agents as a mentor that will be able to train it and get it to be more human-like.

9. Add to Your Bot’s Knowledge Base

Fill it up to the top with knowledge ─ give it all the information that you can gather.

10. Introduce Promotions on a Regular Basis

Reward your customers with true value savings, as they will be happy and will refer you to their friends and family.

11. Last Impressions Matter Too

The last impression is the very last thing that the client will remember about your website and company, so you need to have your chatbot give them a warm goodbye.

Additionally, thank them for doing business and ask them if there is anything else that your chatbot can help with.

Final Thoughts From ChattyPeople

Where to turn for a great chatbot building tool?

Where else than here at ChattyPeople, as it is in our nature to chat.

So, start building your chatbot for free and register today.

Posted by Slobodan S.