10 Reasons Why You Should Build A Great Slack Bot!

Together, we can achieve more ─ that’s what it’s all about ─ having a team with a plan. The team and the plan are must-have ingredients for a successful business.

What every company needs to do is to provide the right tool for the job. Having an organized virtual office on Slack and providing your team with a chatbot is a necessity today.

Furthermore, you need to make a chatbot that’s more interactive and give it a personality so everyone can feel that it’s part of the team.

Here are 10 reasons why you should build a great Slack bot.

1. Use Your Chatbot as a Virtual Assistant

Give your team a virtual assistant! The chatbot can be a helpful tool and save your employs time so they can focus on another segment of the business.

2. Divide Up the Work

Give the ability to the chatbot to divide up and break down projects. With this ability, it can sort out who will do what and what someone can do, according to their expertise, interest and availability.

3. Chatbots Can Provide Answers

Build your chatbot with the company’s insight and experience, and create a broad knowledge base so everyone can get an answer from the previous work that the business has performed.

4. Let the Team Vote on Important Matters

When a decision is needed to be made, give the chatbot the information necessary and let it spread the word through the company so you can find out the opinion of your staff and let them vote on important issues, as well.

5. Match Up Your Team

The chatbot can help a team member by connecting them to the right person for the problem that she is facing. It will do this on the basis of previous experience that other team members have so they can try to resolve issues together.

6. Prioritize Projects

Give the chatbot skills to push the project priorities through teamwork and to also send out reminders. In this way, you may provide more efficient workflow.

7. Recieve Regular Updates

Give constant updates of the milestones that are completed for each project and remind your team of deadlines. If everyone is aware of the overall process of the project, they may step in and help a co-worker who is behind on the schedule.

8. Talk About the Common Goal

Let the chatbot synchronize teammates’ calendars and arrange a meeting to discuss the common goal of the project and what should they do next to finish the job right.

9. Celebrate

Let the chatbot spread joy through the team when an important milestone is crossed. It will be easy with the ability to monitor and update the process of the project.

10. Time for a Break

Let the chatbot gather everyone for a cup of coffee by telling them it’s time for a coffee break. In this way, you can gather the team and give them a little time away from the stress of work and away from the computer, as well.

Final thoughts

Smart leaders know when an action is required, and now is the time to act on these new technologies. Technologies are providing better and more improved working environments, so build your chatbot for your team and improve the efficiency of your people.

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Posted by Slobodan S.