Should You Design Menus… Or Conversations For Bots?

You did your research on bots, but you are still searching for some answers. Today, we can talk about your choices, such as should you design a menu for your chatbot or just go with the conversation.

It’s all about being practical and how you can make user interaction better.

Should You Design Menus… Or Conversations for Bots?

Make Your Bot Engaging

Engaging is the biggest problem for bots; how to start with the user. A bot’s on-boarding background needs to clear up what the client should hope to give and get in the discussion, the reason and impediments of the bot, and the ultimate objective of the bot encounter.

Bots must set up the setting of a whole association with only a couple of lines of content. Utilizing catches and merry-go-rounds is a compelling approach to ensure the client sees totally what is anticipated from them through presenting preset answers and data sources.

To a degree, on-boarding ought to be stripped of identity on the off chance that it will enable set up in a viable discussion to stream.

Obviously, personalization is basic for client encounter. In any case, if a bot is excessively easygoing or obscure in the on-boarding stream — then you are setting clients up for dissatisfaction.

Bots get a heap of arbitrary, irrelevant substance contributions from clients. In the event that the on-boarding knowledge is menu driven — catches are accessible for clients to effectively snap and drive the discussion forward — without the weight of common dialect input.

Back-Up Menu

Having industrious menus take into consideration clients to dependably have clear access to orders that will regularly restart or leave the discussion.

For instance, an online business bot may propose “Visit Website,” “Send Message,” or “Go Shopping” in an industrious menu that enables clients to rapidly get to these well-known capacities.

Notwithstanding for discussions driven by normal discussion, clients require a “get out speedy” capacity. Keeping away from client dissatisfaction is vital — having an effectively available constant menu expels a portion of the perplexity.

Menus Can Be Conversational

Implementing menus with the bot is actually better as it can better the experience for the user and it will have faster interaction.

For example, some bots have a menu during the conversation and it can ask you to choose between red, white or green and you can type in the color you want or simply click on the button.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Going both ways can spice up the user experience, and in the end, it is all about providing quality and fun experiences for your clients.

Building a chatbot can be fun using our Builder Tool at ChattyPeople. Our platform is user-friendly and there is no need for coding; we will do the coding for you.

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Simple Guide To Use Chatbots To Sell Your Book, Course, Or Product

Chatbots have come the long way from being simple Q&A tool to being your right hand in organizing and maintaining your business.

These days chatbots are pretty much involved in everything in enterprise companies, from customer support to sales to order processing.


Being easy to use, chatbots are preferable way of communication between customers and companies.

If we have in mind that 86% of people prefer to buy items online or via Facebook, then we should not be surprised that chatbots are the tool for that.

If you have your own company and don`t know how to make a chatbot to start selling and improving your revenue, start by reading to SAP blog about Simple Guide To Use Chatbots To Sell Your Book, Course, Or Product.

You can read about what chatbots are, what chatbots SAP suggest and also how to make a chatbot using chattypeople as SAP mentioned.

5 Facts About Using A Recruitment Chatbot

The use of the chatbot is growing and it’s changing and innovating the way we work. We all know that their biggest attribute is customer service, but surprisingly, this technology is finding a way to reach different industries and surprise us with the possibilities and the use of such a technology.

One of the new innovative uses is the use of a chatbot as a Recruitment Agent, and here are five facts about a Recruitment Chatbot that may be helpful for you if you are deciding to use one.

5 Facts about Using a Recruitment Chatbot

1). It Will Never Let You Down

A Recruitment Chatbot is always available and can find the time that will work for all candidates.

2). Is Ruthless in Meeting the Criteria You Set Up

You choose the right candidate for the job. This means that your company criteria needs to be meet and a chatbot will be ruthless with the decision of finding the perfect candidate.

3). Engages Candidates as an Omnichannel

Having a recruitment chatbot will provide the benefit of using multiple platforms that will give the candidates the convenience to choose their way of communication.

4). Has All the Answers

Having all these questions from different candidates can be time-consuming and frustrating, repeating answers over again. Well, with the Recruitment Chatbot Agent, this is not the case. You can have peace of mind that the chatbot will have the professionalism to provide the answer to all of the candidates’ questions so it can narrow the list down in the proper manner.

5). Is a Time Saver

It`s a fact that it will save time for you and your employees narrowing down the list of candidates that meet the criteria so you can proceed with them to a face to face interview.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

As technology advances, we all share the same sin in letting it helping out and making our job easier, as it gives us the time and freedom to be less stressed and not lose focus on the bigger picture of our professional lives.

If you ever wondered what it is like to have a chatbot, you don’t have to wonder anymore. You are at the right place to find out.

Use our trial starter plan where you can start building a chatbot for free; all you need to do is register today.

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Is The Hospitality Industry Ready For The Chatbot Era?

The hospitality industry makes up a wide category of fields that, in general, are involved with the tourist industry. The hospitality industry, if we need to give an example, are the industries that are involved with logging, theme parks, event planning, cruise lines, transportation, restaurants and so on.

People are ready, and this industry is ready, as well. Also, the implementation of this technology will be easy to use. And as we can see, in retrospective, people are involved in a technological trend that is leading towards this.

It began with Smartphones, then Smart TV’s, Smart Houses and Smart Cars; all of which all are the beginning of a new way of how we use technology today.

Upcoming Features in the Hospitality Industry

Planning a vacation or a weekend getaway is something that everyone enjoys. Staying in a nice hotel and having room service ─ a visit to the spa to relax ─ oh, yea, it’s the best.

However, even the hotels that have a good amount of experience in this and have first class customer satisfaction still have some elements that can be changed for the better.

For example, we all might have had a key problem or lost some time walking to an activity that the hotel is offering, just to find out there is no available slots opened at that time.

All of this can change if they implement a smart system which can be synced with our phones. We can use our phones to unlock the room door or book a spa appointment. Imagine a hotel that has a private chatbot concierge just for you that will pay attention to what you need and how it can make the stay be more pleasant for you?

With this kind of approach, the hotel manager can receive real-time feedback on the satisfaction of the guests and can act accordingly if something is wrong.

Imagine having a chatbot device at every table in the restaurant? Then, you can take your time and order what you want or ask for something when you need it. Yes, there will be no more waving your hand for the check; the chatbot is right there and you can pay and leave.

Visits to amusement parks can be improved with chatbot devices or a synced App using your phone, as well. There will be no more lines, as you can select what you want to do and you can get your number and approximate time when you need to go there, meaning more fun and less waiting in the lines.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

This industry is improving in this segment more and more, so I’m sure it will all take place very soon.

If you are interested in building a chatbot for your business, it’s as easy as making an account at

It’s free to get started, and we are here to help with every step.

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How To Market Your Chatbot With Influencers

As everything that is created, no matter if it’s a physical or digital craftsmanship, it needs to be shown and presented to the world.

This is the meaning behind a creation ─ to be used or admired by people.

When a chatbot is that creation, it needs to be used, and getting users can be tricky.

However, one way to create a large base of users is to use Influencer marketing.

What to Do First

Before submitting your idea to Marketing Influencers, you need to pay attention to a couple of things:

1. Make a good chatbot (good product).

2. You should know the audience you want to target.

3. Don’t be lazy.

Why Are These Three Tips Important?

First of all, successful influencers won’t stand behind a bad product, and they won’t allow it to ruin their reputation. Secondly, you need to make up your mind in which direction you want to proceed, to target your audience as it will provide harmony and will ease up things because you don’t want to be all over the place, offering everything, at least not from the start.

Try finding something different and unique, or at least the approach should differ from others, and make it more fun and easier.

Thirdly, don’t get lazy, meaning upgrade your chatbot often and this is where you can expand the chatbot’s usefulness. However, do it one step at the time.

Influencer Marketing

The best way to promote your chatbot is with marketing and one of the best ways to do so is using an Influencer.

Influencers already have a large base of followers that can help you reach them. There are many types of Influencers out there, and when I say “types” I mean the channel that they use.

There are Influencers that are multi-channel users and there are successful ones that stick with the things they are good at.

For example, you can find Youtubers or Instagram Influencers and this is their digital space. Also, there are Influencers who can be mentioned and promote your product in the media or a seminar which is still a powerful thing today.

Influencer marketing and being an Influencer is a relatively new term and the meaning is that a person who can familiarize potential buyers or users to use your product.

What you need to know about Influencers is that they drive their influence from three sources:

1. Social Reach: Influencers are able to reach millions of consumers through their social channels and blogs.

2. Original Content: Influencers produce original, and oftentimes effective, marketing content for the brand.

3. Consumer Trust: Influencers maintain strong relationships with their audience, who have a certain level of trust in the influencer’s opinions.

What You Need To Consider:

  • Identify Influencers, and acknowledge their ranking and set up the order of importance.
  • Use marketing with Influencers so you can increase awareness of your company within the Influencer community.
  • Using marketing via Influencers; using Influencers to increase market awareness of your company amongst target audiences or markets.
  • When marketing with Influencers, you will accomplish turning Influencers into advocates of your Brand.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Where to start. . .

You need to decide that you want to have a chatbot for your clients and need to make it as quickly as possible because the chatbot is the future of communication for all Brands.

Start with choosing the right platform where you can build your chatbot. And, in this case, you are at the right place, as we can help you with that.

Use ChattyPeople Bot Builder Platform and take advantage of our trial offer where you can choose a starter plan and start building your chatbot for free. No, you don’t need to know how to code, as the platform will do the coding for you. Plus, you can set up a conversational bot in hours.

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Chatbots: The Reality And Expectations

Chatbots are the most popular program of the past two years, and their expectations from people are big. But let’s get realistic here, as at this stage, even though this technology is progressing, we still can’t see it in commercial use, as of yet.

Expectations are too big, I think, and chatbots and the things we need from them will become something else. Chatbots, in general, are programs that are made with AI algorithms and Natural Language Processing technology that allows the mimicking of human-like conversations.

But, what else can they be?

 Chatbots: The Reality And Expectations

The advancements that will be made will make these programs more than a digit in the digital world, as the robotics industry is implementing this technology to be used as a brain in a machine that not only mimics a human-like conversation but also looks like a human.

Proof that this is already happening — and that some boundaries are being crossed — is the robot Sophia from Hanson Robotics.

Sophia is one of the most advanced humanoid robots there is today and the most interesting thing is that she has citizenship in Saudi Arabia. All of this reminds me of the movie Bicentennial Men and the robot, Andre, where he needed to go to court to fight for his right to be acknowledged as a citizen, and later, a human.

So, when we talk reality, chatbots can be useful AI-powered programs which are involved in a lot of industries. However, when we give this program a body, it actually becomes something else — a robot for example.

It’s really hard, and maybe too soon, to distinguish these two things because the source for both of these two phenomena came from the same code that dates decades in the past.

We can come to a conclusion that today, the reality of chatbots, besides for the expectations, is most commonly used in the customer support segment.

However, also the reality is that in the near future, this technology and the use of it has endless possibilities.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Every entrepreneur and company of any size needs to take advantage of chatbot technology and get familiar with it.

The use of chatbots among people is rising and customers expect every Brand to follow this trend.

Building a chatbot without coding is what our platform can do for you. Take advantage of the free trial we offer and start building your chatbot today.

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8 Main Industries Enhanced By Chatbots

Chatbots have started to reshape the way we do business and the way we work. They are popping up everywhere and showing us better ways on how we can improve our performance and better the workflow.

Here are eight examples of how chatbots have enchanted some of the main industries in our business world:

1. E-commerce

E-commerce has become the way we shop, and with use of chatbot technology, this will become the only way we shop. The malls and physical stores will practically be a presentation place for brands, and the use of chatbots will spread out from the digital world. This is how innovative thinking and implementation of this technology has enchanted this sector.

2. Amazon

Amazon has provided Echo devices to their customers and spiced up the shopping experience with a talking chatbot within these devices, known as Alexa. Alexa is an AI-powered chatbot that will help you to order and keep track of the things you need. Amazon, with its innovative ideas, successfully became the number one retailer in the e-commerce world. And, now, they are a leader in the industry which puts Walmart in second place.

3. Walmart

Walmart, one of the consumers’ favorite retail stores, has recently partnered with Google to offer Amazon’s Alexa experience to their customers, as well. The game is on, and I believe that Walmart will try to reach the top, once again.

4. Customer Service

Customer service has become an industry where companies are trying to better peoples’ experiences with their brands. This sector has had multiple changes in the past decade, and all the attempts were not that satisfactory. With chatbot use in this domain, we hope that we will skip some annoying traditional ways of communicating with our favorite brands.

5. 1-800 Calls

Using hotlines is frustrating enough without the mere thought of calling them. Staying on the phone, waiting to be connected to talk to someone, and getting a simple answer to a simple question needs to change. And the tunes that the companies use are so annoying which gives people a negative vibe, even more so.

6. Automated Menus

The automated menu is part of 1-800 calls. They can help us with some information that can save some time, but they are not fast. Listening to the whole menu all over again until you hear the number you need to press is time-consuming.

7. Customer Lines

Going to the bank and waiting for your turn to reach a teller feels like you are in a slow-motion warp field. This is hard enough as it is, and they made it even harder and stranger. Before, every teller had a line for themselves, but now we all go through some weird zig-zag of a line, and the slow-motion field is even more enchanted with this weirdness, as we wait for our turn to be called to the next available teller.

8. Insurance

Insurance has had a good leap with the use of Apps. Mobile Apps simplify things, and we can avoid going to see an Insurance Agent, which saves time. With the use of chatbots, we will avoid calling in a claim to a representative for minor accidents. Chatbots can provide us a way to upload photos of the accident and fill out a simple questioner, which helps us to make a claim faster. This is just the start for the insurance industry and the use of chatbots, as soon we will have fully automated chatbot agents that will provide us with the customer care that we deserve.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

Chatbots will take away awkward scenarios for reaching simple solutions. They have the knowledge base to respond instantly and offer us the solution that we need. Thanks to the chatbots — and their way of easing our lives.

Every company needs to provide a customer service representative that will help their customers resolve the issues that they have. A chatbot can provide you with just that and will save you money, as well.

Having an active program, such as a chatbot, that can serve more customers at once is a change that you should take advantage of.

Luckily for you, you are at the right place.

Here at ChattyPeople, we have a Bot Building Platform that will help you to build a chatbot with no coding required. It’s easy to use and will provide you with a chatbot that your customers deserve.

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Forget Apps; Now Bots Take Over

Chatbots are popping up everywhere. Brands are realizing the potential of bots and are pursuing this technology to serve their clients.

In fact, in the near future, there will be no company without a bot.

The biggest reason is people; we are the ones that drive this technology to rise.

Studies have shown that people rather communicate with their Brands through messaging Apps. By 2030, conversations with bots will be, not only the preferred way of communication, but the only way with Brands.

Chat VS Mobile

Chat is the new Mobile interface! With the normal application losing 75% of dynamic clients inside the initial three days, it’s hard to drive downloads, as well as to hold clients.

Then again, client engagement on informing stages — for example, Detachment, Slack, Messenger, WhatsApp — is achieving new statures.

Application fatigue, plus ascent of informing, is driving a change in the outlook of the decade. Talk interfaces or bots are rethinking portable cooperations.

Bots Are All Over the Place. . .

Informing bots can read and compose messages simply like a human would. Bots can be modified to complete mechanized activities. Bots can both start an activity and also react to demands from various clients. Bots are of various types, as well; they computerize discussions, exchanges or work processes.

Web-based business bots empower purchasing of products and ventures. Content bots share important substance with you (e.g., news, climate). Watcher bots advise you when particular occasions happen (e.g., your flight is postponed, this auto needs overhauling, etc.).

Managing an account and exchanging bots give budgetary administrations. Work process bots mechanize business work processes in deals, HR, operations, administrator, funds and so forth. Outline bots abridge information in graphs reasonable for little screens. IT bots interface us to our savvy homes, autos and gadgets. Attendant bots give an extensive variety of administrations executed by various bots.

Furthermore, when these bots get the chance to be excessive, your Personal Assistant bot deals with the correspondence with alternate bots for you, heightening just the high-need demands for which you’ve prepared it.

Technology Trend

If we see the history and peoples’ reaction to technology, we can all agree that bots are the next big thing.

First, we transferred from traditional ways of business to digital. Then, we changed the world with online shopping, and we took advantage of Smartphones and use them daily.

We prefer this type of communication, as it`s much easier and faster, and you receive the message instantly and read it when you can. In one word, we are connected and available 24/7. Now, it’s time for Brands to do the same.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

We are in the need for more memory and faster programs, and this is where bots actually step in and start to swap with Apps.

With bots, there is no need of downloading and no installation, as they are just there in the digital space of their own, and all we need to do is to interact with them.

Start today, and get to know this technology a little better. Build a chatbot with our Builder Tool, here at ChattyPeople.

The platform we provide is user-friendly and no coding is needed. Don’t wait and use our trial offer and start building your chatbot for free.

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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Chatbot On Messenger First

Facebook was the company that made the buzz about chatbots last year, allowing bots to be used in social media and on the Messenger App.

Besides for the fact that other messaging platforms followed the example of Facebook, the smart thing to do, still, is to start on Facebook, and this is why:

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Chatbot on Messenger First

1. Messenger App and Facebook have the biggest user base, which will give you the ability to reach a bigger audience, all in one place.

2. You probably have a Fun Page, and your customers already follow your brand. With a chatbot in Messenger, you can provide interaction to your customers without downloading an App, as it will be right there inside the most-used messaging App there is.

3. Messenger and Facebook are secure and are working on providing safety to the users, around the clock.

4. Sell within the Messenger App, as this will provide a more effective way for your customers, as they are using a platform that they love and are already addicted to.

5. Connect with your customers on a different level, as you can provide a variety of information and deliver a more personal touch that your customers will appreciate.

Having a Chatbot in Social Media Will Be the Smart Thing To Do. . .

What is better than being connected with your customers? In the end, the choice is yours, but one thing is for sure, you need to jump on the train with this.

Having a bot on Facebook will give your customers the ability to contact you 24/7, and there will be someone to help them with all needed information.

The possibility to market and monetize the biggest social media following and to take advantage of it is something you should not pass up on. Develop a marketing strategy and execute a successful marketing campaign now, as it will get easier when you utilize the help of a chatbot.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

With a buzz like this, we see that chatbots are not fading away, and it clearly shows that this technology is here to stay. Plus, it will increase in popularity even more in the near future.

There were surveys completed that show that every Brand in the future will have a chatbot as their new representative. Start using this technology, as it`s better to do so, sooner than later.

You are at the right place to see first-hand how this technology can benefit you and your company. The best thing is that if you act fast and use our trial offer, you can start building a chatbot for free today.

Use the Chatbot Builder Tool which we provide, as it will do the coding for you, and the platform is easy to use and you can make a chatbot in a couple of hours.

Register today; it’s free. ChattyPeople is here to help.

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The History Of Chatbots

Chatbots — everyone has heard about them. In fact, there are stories about them and what they can do, but not everyone understands how they were created and why they were created.

In a university not so far away, the story of chatbots began. . .

Here is some retrospective on the chatbots’ history:

The Definition of a Chatbot

Chatbots are also called talkbots, chatterbots, bots, IM bots, interactive agents, or Artificial Conversational Entities. No matter what name you use, it’s the same technology within. If we need to give a definition and explain what they are, here it is:

A chatbot is a computer program that is able to conduct a conversation with a human via text or voice.

The Background of Chatbots

The idea is old and dates from the 1950s. Alan Turing is the person responsible for the idea and concept of how a computer program can impersonate a human in a real-time conversation.

The article he published, called “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” is still used as a test when a chatbot program is developed; the test is called the Turing Test and has an important role in developing and improving chatbot programs.

Joseph Weizenbaum, a German-American computer scientist, and a Professor Emeritus at MIT, took great interest in what Alan Turing proposed and used his test to build the first chatbot, Eliza.

Eliza — Where it All Began

The first chatbot, Eliza, was created in 1966 to demonstrate the superficiality of communication between man and machine. This chatbot, or chatterbot, Eliza, is an early use of Natural Language Processing code, and is one of the first that had passed the Turing Test.

Eliza, and the code used for creating this program, is still used for the creation of all chatbots and is the foundation of chatbots.

The Name Chatbot

The term chatterbot was originally created by Michael Mauldin, the creator of the first Verbot, Julia. The meaning of the term Verbot is a combination of two words, Verbal and Robot. The idea for creating such a program was from the idea behind the creation of the program, Eliza, and the possibility for a computer to impersonate human behavior.

Chatterbots are found on many websites today and are a part of virtual assistants, such as Amazon’s Assistant, Siri and Cortana.

The instant messaging platform, such as Facebook Messenger, is the space where chatbots are widely used today, and they are the reason for pushing this technology further.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and the idea behind this technology date back from the beginning of the computer world. This technology, and the use of it, is the beginning of the new technological era that will define our society as we know it. In fact, it will change the way we live, work and socialize.

The benefit for enterprises and the implementation of chatbot technology is huge. This technology is the direction of all organizations in the near future. Don’t hold back and wait for the competition to outrun you. We are giving you a chance to experiment with this technology and create a chatbot easily without coding.

Get started for free today with our platform and create your first chatbot. Register today; ChattyPeople is here to help.

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